Young girl's thank you to hospital treating her mum and unborn sister

tallulla wax melts lowestoft

Tallulla, 12, has been making wax melts to raise money for the Fetal Medicine Unit and Neonatal Unit at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. - Credit: Deborah Goddard

A young girl has raised over £200 for the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital as a thank you for looking after her mum and unborn sister who has been diagnosed with a rare brain condition.

Tallulla Pettit, 12, from Lowestoft, decided she wanted to make a positive difference during the most difficult time for her and her family.

Tallulla's mum, Deborah Goddard, 34, is currently 36 weeks pregnant and was told at her 12 week scan, that her unborn daughter, Jovie, may have down syndrome, a condition in which a person has one extra chromosome.

tallulla wax melts lowestoft

Some of the thank you wax melts Tallulla has made. - Credit: Deborah Goddard

The family were later devastated to find out at the 20 week scan that Jovie has alobar holoprosencephaly, a brain condition which means there is a failure of the brain to divide into right and left hemispheres which results in the loss of midline structures.

Deborah was also told Jovie has microcephaly, a condition which makes a baby's head smaller and cleft clip and palate, which is a gap or split in the upper lip or roof of the mouth.

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Miss Goddard said: "It is likely that Jovie will pass once she is born and if she survives will be looked after at the N&N neonatal clinic.

"As a thank you to the staff, Tallula has been selling wax melts and has now raised £200 for the unit.

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"It was all off her own back after her step-dad bought her some candle making equipment."

tallulla wax melts lowestoft

Tallulla came up with the idea by herself. - Credit: Deborah Goddard

Miss Goddard says she has been thankful for the support she has received from people during what have been hard times for her and her family.

"It has been difficult for us as a family to take in, especially for my children.

"But we set up a Facebook page for Jovie to raise awareness about her condition.

"What has been lovely is the outpouring of support from people on social media who are going through the same thing as me."

tallula wax melts lowestoft

The family are grateful to the staff at the N&N. - Credit: Deborah Goddard

Deborah says she is eternally grateful to the staff at the N&N's neonatal clinic.

"They have been absolutely brilliant.

"When we did not want to terminate Jovie they were really understanding.

"For the future we aim to raise awareness around her condition and continue our fundraising efforts once she is born and things have settled down."

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