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Other Banksy artworks in Lowestoft are safe for now. - Credit: PA

In a year plagued by turmoil, heartache and loss, one saying rings true: "We're all in the same boat."

World-renowned anonymous street artist Banksy painted those very words at Nicholas Everitt Park in Oulton Broad in August, above a painting depicting three children standing in a boat.

Within hours, the town was abuzz with rumours of whether the artwork was really Banksy, or had simply been inspired by the mysterious figure and carried out by a talented local.

The Nicholas Everitt Park piece wasn't the only one to get the town talking, with a similar style piece appearing in London Road North, on the wall of the former Lowestoft Electrical shop - this time of a child building a sandcastle.


Banksy art dealer John Brandler has estimated that the Lowestoft art piece could potentially sell for millions at a private auction house in America. - Credit: Mick Howes

Two more were also quickly spotted - a seagull on the side of a building on the corner of Denmark Road and Katwijk Way above a skip filled with pieces of wood resembling chips, and a rat drinking a cocktail on the sea wall at North Beach, at the bottom of Links Hill.

More had also been discovered in Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and Cromer, including a couple dancing above a bus stop.

A week after the pieces were discovered, a video called A Great British Spraycation appeared on Banksy's official Instagram page, confirming the work as his.

Graffiti by Banksy on Katwijk Way in Lowestoft.

Graffiti by Banksy on Katwijk Way in Lowestoft. - Credit: Danielle Booden

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Immediately, families rushed to the coast to visit the legitimised paintings, offering local businesses a much-needed summer boost.

Sadly, the future of the pieces were soon cast in doubt.

Council security, which began patrolling the pieces, caught a vandal defacing the North Beach piece days after the confirmation, while the 'boat' in Oulton Broad had to be removed before the confirmation as it was blocking a drain.

The owner of the London Road North building removed the lot from the market, before relisting at a higher price,

'It came out with a judder' - Banksy mural removed from wall in Lowestoft


Workers have removed a Banksy mural from a building in Lowestoft.

The artwork will now be sold at auction, but has since been replicated by

'For Lowestoft' - Artist gives back to town by recreating Banksy work

267784401_663343018377134_7202457016288652952_n (1)

A new graffiti artwork has replaced a former Banksy mural in Lowestoft.


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