'My partner screamed' - Couple's shock after finding snake in garden

corn snake

The corn snake was discovered by Si Fletcher and his partner after visiting friends on Wednesday. - Credit: Si Fletcher

It is not something you expect to see every day but a man and his partner were left shocked when they found a snake in their garden.

Si Fletcher, 49 and his partner were out visiting friends on Wednesday afternoon.

When they returned home to Blackheath Road in Pakefield, they received a slithery surprise, a serpent they believe to be a corn snake.

corn snake

The corn snake is roughly one metre in length but is harmless to humans. - Credit: Si Fletcher

Mr Fletcher said: "It is the last thing you expect to see in a back garden in Lowestoft.

"In my 12 years living in the town I've never seen anything like it.

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"My partner went out for a cigarette and I was in the house. The next moment I heard this huge scream.

"I go outside and she is looking down at a corn snake which was sitting in the downpipe and looked about one metre long."


The snake has been taken in by neighbour Katie Wentford. - Credit: Si Fletcher

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Corn snakes are a species of rat snake native to the south western part of the United States.

Many are kept as pets here in the United Kingdom and despite their appearance, they are not venomous or harmful to humans.

Mr Fletcher believes this corn snake has been abandoned by its owner because no one has yet come forward to claim the snake following appeals on social media.


It is unknown how the corn snake ended up near Si's downpipe. - Credit: Si Fletcher

He said: "The snake was very lethargic and sedative when we found it.

"This suggests to us it has been abandoned but how it ended up by our downpipe is a mystery.

"Maybe a bird or something picked it up but it's hard to tell how far the snake has travelled.

"At first we didn't know if it was venomous or dangerous so we had to do lots of Googling.

"My next door neighbour already has pet snakes and has taken it in and put it in a tank and it seems to be doing all right now."

Mr Fletcher is appealing to anyone who may have lost a corn snake in the Lowestoft or wider area but either way the snake is now in safe hands.

He said: "I've had a number of rescue centres get in contact with me offering to rehome the snake.

"If no one comes forward my neighbour is happy to take it in."

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