"I was helpless": Mum-of-four in search for kind stranger that saved day

A kind stranger helped a mum-of-four on St Margaret's Road in Lowestoft.

A kind stranger helped a mum-of-four on St Margaret's Road in Lowestoft. - Credit: Google Maps

A young mum-of-four on the "verge of tears" is searching for the kind stranger who helped her.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was walking back home on St Margaret's Road in Lowestoft on Friday (January 7) after dropping her five-year-old at school when her three younger children started playing up.

She said: "They were moaning about being cold and hungry. They wouldn't keep their gloves on.

"The baby started crying in his buggy - I knew we wouldn't get home."

As it was a windy day and her children were showing no signs of calming down, she decided to call for a taxi but said she could feel herself getting "more and more stressed".

She added: "I felt completely helpless and was nearly in tears.

"I didn't know what to do - but that's when she came."

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She said a kind woman approached her and asked if she would like a hand.

She said: "She was so reassuring and very good with the children.

"She was there when I needed it most."

The Good Samaritan stayed with the family for 25 minutes, making her children laugh and asking them about their lives.

She added: "I know some people wouldn't have liked it but it was such a hard situation to be in."

However, once the taxi arrived, she was told she and her family wasn't allowed in because it would have been "too overcrowded".

She said: "The taxi driver called for a mini bus but it meant we had to wait another 15 minutes.

"The lady said it wasn't a problem to stay with them and continued to chat with us."

She said she thought the lady was in her 50s or 60s and was wearing a purple raincoat and dark grey mittens.

The mum added: "She told me that she cared for all her grandchildren and told me she lives on Mount Pleasant.

"I wish I knew her name - I'd just like to say thank you."

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