Lowestoft pensioner fulfils lifelong writing ambition with short story competition win

Lowestoft writer Alan R Davey has found success with his short story - The Final Score. Photo: Alan

Lowestoft writer Alan R Davey has found success with his short story - The Final Score. Photo: Alan R Davey - Credit: Archant

A Lowestoft pensioner has found success with a short story centred around the town.

Alan R. Davey's 'The Final Score' was named winner of Let's Talk magazine's Short Story Competition 2017.

The moving story of a First World War veteran coming to terms with his experiences through running the Lowestoft Scores wowed this year's judges.

Mr Davey was announced as winner in the September issue of Let's Talk – fighting off tough competition from 11 other candidates.

The 72-year-old admits the town itself was inspirational in the writing process.

He said: 'Lowestoft is a wonderful town, quintessentially English, and I wanted my story to celebrate Lowestoft's history and to mark next year being the centenary of the end of the First World War.'

Mr Davey says he is 'delighted' to have his stories published in a magazine – it being a long held ambition of his since writing his first story over 60 years ago.

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Writing under the pen name A R Davey, he has written and published three eBooks via Amazon Kindle and one paperback since retiring three year ago.

Relying only on word of mouth Mr Davey's first novel, entitled Autumn on Angel Street, became a number one best seller in Kindle's Victorian Saga section.

It remained number one for five months and ultimately won three Star Writer awards.

Despite his late success Mr Davey says he remains 'nonplussed'.

He said: 'Like many people I spent my life doing a lot of different jobs, some which I hated but which I did because I had to earn a living and there was nothing better available.

'Then the recession meant I had to carry on working until I was almost 70, but when I finally retired I could concentrate on doing what I had wanted to do all my life.

'I am amazed how things have worked out for me and I think there is a lesson in this for all older people who might think their life is nearing its end when they retire.

'Perhaps a new life is ready to begin now they have more time to pursue it.'

For more information head to - www.alanrdavey.com.

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