Lowestoft store pledges dumped trolley action

LOWESTOFT'S Asda store has vowed to carry out a trolley crackdown after large numbers of them were dumped in Lake Lothing and in south Lowestoft.

The store on Horn Hill has said it is 'working with police' to stop 'inconsiderate' shoppers taking the trolleys away from the store and dumping them.

And store bosses say they are looking at finding ways of retrieving the dumped trolleys, which are believed to cost about �80 each.

Asda made its policing and clean-up pledge after it was contacted by The Journal, which had published a photograph by John Welch of half a dozen trolleys lying in the mud and shallow water at low tide beside the footpath running alongside the store.

And this image, which was submitted through our new iwitness24 interactive website by Graham Cannell, shows more dumped trolleys creating an eyesore by the side of Lake Lothing at low tide.

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Mr Welch, 49, of Kirkley Run, decided to send in his photograph after he counted 28 dumped in Lake Lothing and he fears the sight of the trolleys could put off holiday makers coming to the town.

He said: 'It is not a pretty sight. It is sad to see. As people go down Tom Crisp Way one of the first things they can see are all these trolleys.'

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This week The Journal was contacted by Brian Eckersley, 72, of Kirkley Park Road, who said he had seen abandoned ASDA trolleys by London Road South, Grosvenor Road and Windsor Road.

Mr Eckersley said: 'They are not a pretty sight. They are scattered all over the place. It makes the area look untidy.'

A spokesman for the Asda store told The Journal: 'Like our customers, we want our trolleys to be where they need to be – in our store.

'Unfortunately, a small minority of inconsiderate people like to take them for a walk.

'We are working with the police to try and stop trolleys being taken from our store and are looking at how we can retrieve them from the local area.

'If anyone spots a stray trolley, please report it to us in store and we'll do what we can to collect it.'

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