Lowestoft third crossing public meeting: who said what

Public meeting on the third crossing in Lowestoft, held at Orbis Energy on Wednesday, February 18. T

Public meeting on the third crossing in Lowestoft, held at Orbis Energy on Wednesday, February 18. The top table. - Credit: Archant

Mark Pendlington, chairman of the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership: 'This is a real opportunity for us all to listen and discuss how our town can develop. This is a great town which needs to grow and develop even further. The one thing that unites us is a real passion for the town.'

Laurence Phillips, 81, of Union Place, Kirkley: 'It's the geography which determines how people drive, so a central crossing will best achieve our aims.'

Peter Aldous, Waveney MP: 'Lowestoft is a town with an illustrious past and a great future, with great potential. There are constraints in the way which we need to get over that present us realising that full potential. The main challenge that's been there for a long, long time is getting over Lake Lothing.

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'We can get over that by building a strong case that can then be presented to government and get the funding we need.'

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Graham Newman, Suffolk County Council cabinet member for transport: 'Most people in the room are agreed that a third crossing is needed. The debate is more about the type and location of the bridge.

'I'm keen to bring the report to you to engage in wider discussion and debate.'

Resident Mike Kippin: 'The public consultation was very poor. I think the report is frankly a disagrace.'

Bob Blizzard, Labour's prospective parliamentary candidate for Waveney: 'It seems to make no sense to put a new crossing next to the Bascule bridge.'

Resident David O'Neill: 'Why has a tunnel not been considered? That is a long-term solution that is not going to be held up by shipping or rail.'

Sandy Martin, Labour group leader on Suffolk County Council: 'I think the report is entirely down to what ABP think and not down to the interests of Lowestoft.'

Simon Tobin, UKIP's prospective parliamentary candidate for Waveney: 'The consultation has to deliver for the people of Lowestoft. People are not satisfied with the way it's been looked at.'

Bill Mountford, UKIP councillor: 'We have to keep going for the central crossing - it's the only one that makes any sense.'

Mark Bee, leader of Suffolk County Council: 'If everyone puts their eggs into the central option basket, it will be rejected by government.

'Don't be fooled that a central option is the only one. Don't go for the false option.'

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