Chance for tinnitus sufferers to share experiences at Tinnitus Week event

David Stockdale, the chief executive of the British Tinnitus Association. Picture: Sidekick PR

David Stockdale, the chief executive of the British Tinnitus Association. Picture: Sidekick PR - Credit: Archant

Those who suffer with tinnitus are being invited to come together and share their experiences of living with the condition.

The Lowestoft Tinnitus Support Group, one of more than 100 groups supported by the British Tinnitus Association (BTA), is set to hold a special event as part of Tinnitus Week 2019.

A meeting will take place from 12.15pm to 2pm on Friday, February 8 at Lowestoft Deaf Centre on Blackheath Road, where there will be an opportunity to meet like-minded people in a friendly environment.

During Tinnitus Week, running from February 4-10, activities will be taking place up and down the country, with a particular focus this year on isolation.

David Stockdale, chief executive of the BTA, said: 'It's estimated that six million people live with tinnitus in the UK and, according to our research, 61% of people with tinnitus say their condition makes them feel isolated.

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'Throughout Tinnitus Week we will be issuing tips and guidance on isolation topics including tinnitus and sleep, relationships and social situations.

'We are very grateful to all our groups up and down the country for the support they provide and hope as many people as possible will attend the meeting in Lowestoft during Tinnitus Week.'

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Tinnitus is described as a sensation or awareness of sound that is not caused by an external sound source.

Approximately half of sufferers find it moderately or severely distressing, with complaints of intrusiveness, emotional stress, insomnia, auditory perceptual problems and difficulties with concentration.

'We know with the right support network in place and the right guidance people with tinnitus can live perfectly normal lives,' added MR Stockdale. 'During the week we'll be highlighting the huge benefits that can come from our UK network of support groups.'

'Of those who attend our groups, 95% say they feel less isolated by doing so - proving the value of meeting like-minded people and sharing experiences.'

For tinnitus support or to find out more about Tinnitus Week 2019, visit the British Tinnitus Association's website or call the BTA's confidential freephone helpline on 0800 018 0527.

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