Lowestoft blood donor picks up award for saving lives

Pauline Lambert with her husband Raymond collecting the award for donating 100 pints of blood. Pictu

Pauline Lambert with her husband Raymond collecting the award for donating 100 pints of blood. Picture: Courtesy of NHS Blood and Transplant. - Credit: Courtesy of NHS Blood and Transplant

A Lowestoft woman has been recognised for helping to save and improve lives following her 100th blood donation.

Pauline Lambert, 67, started donating blood at the age of 18 while working at the Pye television factory in Lowestoft.

She said: 'They came round the factory and wanted people to give blood so I just turned up. They did it in the canteen factory.'

She has kept it up since then, donating around three times a year, with her current donation venue at Trinity Methodist Church in Lowestoft.

Mrs Lambert said: 'It doesn't take long and it is saving lives. I've just kept going.'

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She was recognised for her contribution at a special awards ceremony held by the NHS Blood and Transplant service at Carrow Road in Norwich on October 20.

Mrs Lambert was among 39 blood donors who received their 100th blood donation award.

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That amounts to a minimum of 3,900 units of blood over the years donated by the donors present at the ceremony and as each donation can save or improve the lives of up to three people collectively, they could have helped 11,700 individuals.

An NHS Blood and Transplant spokesperson said: 'This celebration pays tribute to our loyal blood donors who have given their time donate 100 times and more.

'We are extremely grateful for their dedication and commitment, as every unit of blood given to a patient has come from a valued voluntary donor. The lifesaving effects a blood transfusion can make to a patient is remarkable.

'Between them they have saved and improved thousands of lives, so this event is a chance to put them in the spotlight, give gratitude and honour our inspirational donors.'

Mrs Lambert, who has lived in Lowestoft all her life, said she was proud to collect the award, attending the lunchtime ceremony with her husband Raymond.

She said: 'It's quite an achievement getting to 100 pints and there were only about four or five of us there from the Lowestoft and Yarmouth area.'

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