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PUBLISHED: 10:20 17 November 2008 | UPDATED: 21:48 05 July 2010

"A MAN of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds …" (anonymous).

No one in Waveney could accuse The Journal of falling into that old category.

“A MAN of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds …” (anonymous).

No one in Waveney could accuse The Journal of falling into that old category.

For too long, people who should know better have gone round the district talking Lowestoft and Waveney down; not The Journal. Week after week, Russell Cook and his team seek out the exciting and the unusual, the causes for celebration and the signs of regeneration and re-growth for an area which has come in for more than its fair share of doom and gloom mongering.

Enterprise Lowestoft and Make Your Mark are just two of many agencies seeking to change the “can't do” attitude that has prevailed into a “can-do/ will do” mindset.

And every sign of positive change will be reliably trumpeted by The Journal.

On top of this sort of thing - which any newspaper might do - there have been a myriad of initiatives which The Journal has supported or initiated itself.

It was the Journal that:

Led the Save Our Seagull campaign, which led to an anonymous benefactor providing the opportunity for the theatre to be saved and reborn for the community;

Championed the Bright Sparks initiative that was the brainchild of the Make Your Mark campaign whose regional hub was established in Lowestoft through the efforts of Enterprise Lowestoft, supported by - you guessed - The Journal;

Invested energy in supporting local celebrations of heritage, such as two Heritage Lottery funded programmes operated by Enterprise Lowestoft: the Village Project and East Angles: Shifting Sands.

The list of opportunities that The Journal has contributed to is endless, focused at young and old alike - but perhaps most positively focused on the young.

The old often have a voice in communities but too often young people are marginalised as being “trouble” or “hoodies” or just inexperienced and therefore not worth listening to.

Not by The Journal who not only listens and supports but who employed a young person, Kim Betts, while she was still at a student at Kirkley High School, to give a young person's perspective on life and the community - and also gave her the chance to obtain real work experience as part of the encouraging journalistic team.

Whenever there is good news, they report it in full. If there is bad news, they seek the silver lining - and most important of all, they actually make opportunities for young people - and help others make them too.

Just look out for all they will be doing in and around the district - not just reporting on events - during the up coming wide spread activities of the national Enterprise Week that runs from Monday to next Friday, November 21.

Not only will they be covering events and stories; they will be “putting their money where their mouth is” spearheading an activity at the OrbisCentre for gifted and talented young people, from high schools in Waveney and Great Yarmouth and developed in association with Enterprise Lowestoft: Hold the Press in Enterprise Week.

Go Journal. Another great reason for being proud of Lowestoft.


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