Man found guilty of terrorism

A white supremacist found with firebombs after he was arrested at Lowestoft railway station has been found guilty of terrorism and explosives offences.

A white supremacist found with firebombs after he was arrested at Lowestoft railway station has been found guilty of terrorism and explosives offences.

Neil Lewington was warned he faces years in prison after he was convicted today at the Old Bailey, in London.

He was arrested by chance on a train on his way to strike his first blow in his racist war against the "non-British".

The neo-Nazi, who turned his bedroom into a bomb factory, was also trying to perfect tennis ball bombs which he could throw at the homes of Asians.

He was found guilty at the Old Bailey of having explosives with intent to endanger life and preparing for acts of terrorism.

Lewington, 43, an unemployed electrician who lived with his parents in Tilehurst, Reading, Berks, had denied all eight charges brought under the Terrorism Act and explosives laws.

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He was convicted of seven counts.

Lewington, who was remanded in custody until September 8, kept his head bowed as the verdicts were delivered.

Judge Peter Thornton warned him: "The likely outcome is a lengthy sentence of imprisonment.'

Lewington had an "unhealthy interest' in other racist attackers such as London nail bomber David Copeland, America's Unabomber and Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh.

He was arrested at Lowestoft station on October 30 last year after abusing a female train conductor who challenged him.

Lewington had been on his way to see a woman but after drinking and smoking on the train, he had urinated in public.

He was arrested for a public order offence when the train arrived at the station and his hold-all bag was searched.

He was found to be carrying two firebombs which would have exploded when primed.

In his wallet were hand-written notes entitled "device 1' and "device 2' with headings including "date', "place', "target', "weather' and "detonated?'.

Later searches of his home revealed a notebook entitled "Waffen SS UK members' handbook' with a "device logbook' of drawings of electronics and chemical mixtures.

In it, Lewington made a chilling mission statement in which he boasts of two-man hit squads bombing the UK at random.

Also found in his bedroom were weedkiller, firelighters, three tennis balls with diagrams on how to convert them into shrapnel bombs, firework powder, electrical timers and detonators.

Brian Altman QC, prosecuting, said: "This man, who had strong if not fanatical right wing leanings and opinions, was on the cusp of embarking on a campaign of terrorism against those he considered non-British.'

David Etherington QC, defending, said there was insufficient evidence to say Lewington was a terrorist rather than an "oddball'.

He asked the jury: "Is he the real deal? Is he a terrorist or is he just a big pest, a nuisance?'

Mr Etherington suggested Lewington was a "silly immature alcoholic dysfunctional twit, fantasising to make up for a rather sad life'.

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