Men admit pub assaults in Lowestoft

TWO Lowestoft men have admitted taking part in a drunken brawl in which three people were assaulted.

Ian Angus and Matthew Martin were seen to hold a man around a neck and punch him repeatedly in the Alderman pub in Hollingsworth Road, Lowestoft, on January 30.

Martin, 28 of Telesia Court, then violently pushed the pub's landlady and a barmaid.

Both men appeared at Lowestoft Magistrates Court on Tuesday where Martin pleaded guilty to three assaults and Angus, 42, of Chaukers Crescent, admitted one assault.

Both men also admitted causing �400 worth of damage to a door and floor in the pub.

Representing themselves, Angus and Martin told the court they had both drunk far too much and apologised for their behaviour.

They had already paid for repairs for the damage they caused.

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Angus was fined �150 for assault and ordered to pay �50 compensation to the man he assaulted. Martin was fined �450 for the three assaults and was ordered to pay a total of �100 in compensation to his victims.

Both men were also ordered to pay �85 in costs and a �15 surcharge.

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