Men take a health ‘MOT’ in Lowestoft

Trainers from East Coast Community Healthcare check men's blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), hei

Trainers from East Coast Community Healthcare check men's blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), height and weight at free drop-in sessions.Health trainer Carol Knight with Trevor Layton. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Men of all ages have been given a free health 'MOT' which measured their weight, height, BMI and blood pressure, along with promoting key ideals about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Trainers from East Coast Community Healthcare (ECCH) and Mytime Health were on hand at the Boots store in London Road North on Tuesday to run the drop-in sessions.

Some of the men were also given a free manual with tips about their weight, stress, smoking, drinking, and information on back pain, bowel cancer and testicular cancer.

The event was part of Men's Health Week with the trainers also on hand to consult with the men about healthy eating and improving their motivation to exercise regularly.

Health trainer for Mytime Active, Carol Knight said: 'We are seeing anybody over the age of 16, checking their height and weight and working out their BMI and whether they are overweight.

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'We are also taking their blood pressure and talking about any health concerns and perhaps referring them back to their GP.

'It has been statistically proven that men don't access the health service as much when they might have something wrong with them; they just put it off and don't get it checked whereas women tend to access the service a lot more.

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'We are just trying to get that promotion out there and if they need to go to a doctor for something they do actually do that.'

Read the full story in this week's Journal.

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