Mental health ambassador: Join our clubhouse and help tackle loneliness

Tod Sullivan, mental health ambassador for Lowestoft. Picture: Nick Butcher

Tod Sullivan, mental health ambassador for Lowestoft. Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

Our latest conference on loneliness and isolation happened recently and we were delighted to see so many people discussing such a powerful issue – recent reports suggest isolation can be as dangerous to health as smoking and obesity.

I recently heard a GP explain how important it was to take loneliness and isolation into account when discussing physical activities.

Feedback and Access Community Trust in Lowestoft want to do something special, an idea that combines activity with reducing loneliness and isolation and the promotion of wellbeing. Sam's Clubhouse will be based at the community coffee shop in Bevan Street East. Anyone who is interested in their mental health recovery or general wellbeing is welcome to find out more, you could be in work or not, feeling low or more positive. The idea is to bring people together to become members of the clubhouse as an equal part in the work that we do.

The aim is to share in making Sam's work, both as a community coffee shop and as the host of the mental health manifesto. Members will come together weekly and see what is needed to make the clubhouse run - anything from organising events to making coffee, or taking part in a wellbeing group – and each member will only do what they feel able to do that week, nothing more and nothing less.

For some people 'volunteering' can feel a major commitment, we also know that for people in work or with family commitments, but with something to offer it can be intimidating too.

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As a member rather than a volunteer you can offer to take part in something meaningful for 30 minutes, three hours, or a couple of days. Whatever you do you are a member, your contribution will be valued and you will make this community project work.

Get in touch to join the Clubhouse!

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Tod Sullivan

Lowestoft's mental health ambassador

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