Mixture of sleet and snow begins to fall in north Suffolk

SOME residents in Suffolk have woken to a mixture of sleet and snow, with forecaster predicting that icy conditions will grip the county overnight.

Jim Bacon, of WeatherQuest, said temperatures today will reach a maximum of 3C with 'raw and cold' winds.

He said: 'It looks set to be a cloudy day with raw winds, sleet and snow – we are getting the whole nine yards of wintry weather here.'

And as the sleet falls on Lowestoft this afternoon, Mr Bacon warned that today's 'marginal' weather would bring in icy conditions overnight.

'Anyone travelling tonight or thinking of getting out early tomorrow to finish Christmas shopping will be faced with ice on the roads,' he added.

The ambulance service have warned motorists to travel safely during the potentially hazardous conditions.

Ambulance service spokesman Gary Sanderson said: 'While the snowy conditions continue to present a hazard, particularly on smaller roads and side streets, motorists should remain particularly careful.

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'The public should wear appropriate footwear whilst out in icy and snowy conditions to avoid injury, and only making necessary journeys by road.

'We rely on the public's good sense to use the 999 service wisely.'

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