More icy conditions and snow set to hit the East

Emma KnightsDrivers are being urged to take extra care on the county's roads as sharp frosts and icy conditions are predicted for the rest of the week.Emma Knights

Drivers are being urged to take extra care on the county's roads as sharp frosts and icy conditions are predicted for the rest of the week.

As light snow flurries fell throughout Norfolk yesterday, Phil Garner, forecaster for UEA-based WeatherQuest, said it would be staying cold with wintry showers throughout the week.

He said: 'There is a risk of a light dusting of snow on Thursday and Friday.

'We will have some sharp frosts this week with the risk of icy patches being much more of a problem this week than snow.

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'Temperatures will be below average for this time of year. Normally we would be looking at six or seven degrees for this time of year, but this week it is unlikely to make it above five degrees.

'There is no major outbreak of snow forecast at the moment.'

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A Norfolk County Council spokesman said the authority had recently had a delivery of several hundred tons of salt, and had enough supplies to treat the county's roads for the immediate future.

He said: 'At the moment we are going to continue to treat the full network of roads, but we are going to have to keep a very close eye on the weather and the national forecast. We may at some stage have to go to a reduced network.'

Last month the authority's bosses warned that they may have to cut the number of miles of road being gritted by almost half if the cold weather persisted.

If this happens, limited salt stocks would be reserved for major roads while many village roads that have so far been regularly treated this winter would no longer being gritted.

Norwich City Council, which is responsible for gritting the city's roads, said it would be gritting the full network of roads, but if this changes people would be given 24 hours notice.

A Norfolk Police spokesman said: 'Norfolk Constabulary is urging motorists to take extra care when travelling throughout the county, with more bad weather predicted over the next week.'

Police said at about 5.45am yesterday on the A47 a car went off the road on the Dereham side of the Honingham roundabout. Nobody was injured in the crash.

Firefighters were called to 19 crashes on Norfolk's roads on Saturday morning as drivers struggled to cope with black ice.

The main advice being given by police to drivers is:

Make sure all your car lights are working

Ensure all windows are fully cleared of snow, frost and condensation, and clear snow from the top of your vehicle

Keep windscreen washer fluid topped up

Give yourself extra time for your journey and drive at a constant speed.

Take a fully charged mobile phone with you.

Norwich City Council has said that a number of football matches on city council-run sites such as Eaton Park and Mousehold Heath have had to be cancelled because of the bad weather this winter.

It is urging sports teams to get in touch to arrange bookings for extra matches. For more information visit the football section of the city council website

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