Motorists face ‘worst-ever’ potholes in Suffolk in 2011

DRIVERS and motorists have been warned the number of potholes in the region could reach a record high in the new year.

It's been claimed that the start of next year could see the 'worst ever' number of potholes appearing in roads and pavements across the country.

The claims, which have been made by the road maintenance website, are being put down to the current spate of snowy weather.

Potholes are caused by water or snow filling existing cracks in road surfaces and freezing. The expansion this causes breaks open the road, which is revealed when the ice melts.

Last year an extra �1million had to be pumped into Suffolk's transport budget to fix the county's pothole-riddled road network.

But Duncan McClure Fisher, of Warranty Direct, which runs, warned: 'That figure could pail into insignificance.

'The roads are going to deteriorate incredibly quickly over the coming months.

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'Given the severity and earlier-than-normal arrival of harsh wintry conditions, everything is pointing towards a miserable period for motorists.'

Suffolk's road champion, councillor Guy McGregor, said: 'The county council takes its responsibilities relating to highways extremely seriously.

'Where significant potholes are identified by our highways officers or they are reported to us, we will repair them as quickly as possible.

'Where defects are more minor they will be repaired in good time subject to funding being available.'