Mr G J Cannell

MANY friends and colleagues joined the family at the funeral service in All Saints Church, Ringsfield, for Granville James Cannell (Grany) who died at Beccles War Memorial Hospital on March 28, aged 53.

MANY friends and colleagues joined the family at the funeral service in All Saints Church, Ringsfield, for Granville James Cannell (Grany) who died at Beccles War Memorial Hospital on March 28, aged 53.

The service was conducted by Canon Paul Nelson.

For all of you that knew Grany, you'll know that he lived life as it should be, to the full. His youth was spent in the fields and meadows at his grandmother's farm where he learnt to love the land, they were happy times. He worked hard to have everything he ever wanted; he achieved much in his time with us.

He qualified as an agricultural fitter and for most of his working life as maintenance fitter for Bernard Matthews and the last three years with Aquanos in Great Yarmouth as a mechanical (Dive) technician, where he spent much time working offshore which he loved and was so looking forward to the future. The custom scene was a passion; he participated in throughout the country, with his beloved 'Chop' of which he was so proud. He was brilliant and skilled engineer.

He loved the sea, the land, his family, his friends and of course Barsham Fayre and Foxes. Grany loved just about everything really and his motorcycles were his life. He fought bravely against his illness with dignity, determination, courage and a power far beyond us all and of course he had you all with him for his final journey… 'Awesome.' 'In a sky full of stars, there are always some that shine a little brighter.'

Immediate mourners were: His partner Vicci, Chrissy and Andrew Whitelaw (also representing Crystal), Bill and Chris Needham, (Wil, Jane, Sam, Helen and Charlie) Auntie Jean and friend Don, Dorothy Irene Melton, Ronald Melton, Carole Fenn, Gordon and Una Rogers, Keith Rogers (Richard Pymer) Sally and Ian Macdonald, Jamie and Oliver Macdonald, Graham and Lucy Drew, Stephen and Carol Drew.

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Amongst many others present were: Joan Turner, Dawn and Simon Dawson, Chris and Sue Brown, Linda Page (Basher), Steve and Wendy Willmore, Rod Spindler, Pauline Read and Reg, Ivan Hall (Hally), Peter Lawrence (Lob), Steven Foster (Tuffy), Rebel, Steve Warren (Clint), Neville Wright (De De), Mandy Chapman, Liz and Peter Rix, Alison Richardson, Jackie Leftley (Trevor Leftley), Beryl Hambling (Patrick Stead Hospital), Sue and Kim, Danella, Grimy, Chris Turner, Nikki and Chalky White, Moth and Dick Eaton, Adrian Self, Mark Loftus (Lofty), Don Fisk and Pat Rae, Lynda Mouzer, Debbie and Tony Chambers (HCA Beccles War Memorial Hospital), David Bedser (Mr and Mrs J Bedser), Julie Hadley, Alec Allison (Bernard Matthews), Linda Purland (Ian Gregory and Robert Purland), Brian and Beryl Nunn, Jayne Adams, David and Margie Nunn, Harold and Phyllis Johnson (Carrie), Terry Hamon (Hammy) and Jayne, Paul Gamble, Trish Williams, Michael B Burrage, Zobzislaw Biela, Gokarna Rai, Ian Stimpson, Paul Edwards (Chris Ife), Shane, John Docherty (Aquanos), Sonya Clifton (Aquanos), George Birkett, Tonia Weldon, Ninian Robertson, Dave Slater, Phil Williams (Diver), Martin Lewis, Julia Rivett (Ocean Team Renewables), Paul and Sara Cockings, Jason Cockings, Helen Collins, Barney Collins, Mr F Ulph, Tilly and Doris, Steve Chapman, Christine and Tony Hardy, Steven Crowe (Aquanos), E Horton, Khan Powell, Alex Gale, Russell Walden, Nathan Rix, Ian Rayner, Mathew Smith, Greg Flitton, Jay Trussler, Nigel Bishop, Andy Bittle, Mark Newstead, Roy and Anita Murray, Jayne Sims (Nik), Colin Stoneham (Aquanos), Rob Simpson (Aquanos), Terry Thompson (Aquanos), Richard Jepps, Stephen and Sara Cushion, David and Shirley Smith, Kimberley Smith, Amy Self, Molly Self, Jimmy and Denise Edwards, Suzi and Tony Hales, Rory Sherriff and Jackie Neave, Brian Rayner, Keith Self, David Self, Will Stopher, Willy and Colleen Rackham, Dennis Ife, Peter Jolly, Alan Warne, Spider Webster (Ocean Team), Jonny Mobbs, Chris Parrott, John Collins (JC), Stuart Barker, Mathew Barker, Richard Batchelor (Scratch) and Guy, Neal and Kate Manning, Connor Manning, Bonnie and Sue (Southwold), Bob Rix, Mr Rix, Robin Beales (BM), Shaun and Melanie Thompson (BM), Trever Keeble (BM), Tom Kingery, Steve Pidd (BM), Paul Badger (BM), David Lowe, Danny and Sadie Brown, Mel and Kelvin Rushmer, Paul and Maxine Carter, Lionel Glennie, Jamshid and Beth Malekzad, Stella Bloomfield (Graham Bloomfield), Brenda and Gordon Buck, Bob and Lucy Merrells, Leo Brown (June Ann Brown), Brian Fenn (Cathy), M L Hackwell, Shaun Hood, John Fisher (Glynis Fisher), Chris Dunne (Jacko), N and T Clitheroe, P Rackham, Daniel Merrells, Alan and Alison Holloway (Ringsfield All Saints Church).

Chrissy, Andrew and I would like to thank you all for the cards, letters and photos received. Special thanks to Chris and Sue, Rod, Steve, and Wendy, Linda, Reg and Mandy. To my sister Sally, David, Adrian and to all our families, all the staff at Beccles War Memorial Hospital for their incredible care of Granville, thank you Debbie and to Stuart of physiotherapy. Thanks Moth for the photo memories, I'll treasure them forever. Joan, Dawn and Simon (Special Memories). The staff of the Patrick Stead Hospital, thank you Alison, Val, Jackie, Graham (Grumble) Tanya, Beryl and Lisa. Thanks Hally, Lob, Reg, Rod, Tuffy, Rebel, Clint, Donny, De De and Grumble (Bramfield Boys - the best mates ever). To all at Aquanos and Canon Paul Nelson, and of course the amazing Sue Collins and all her colleagues at Cossey Funeral Services, Beccles.

Donations for First Responders still accepted C/o Cossey Funeral Services, 4 Exchange Square, Beccles NR34 9HL. Thank you all!