Mr H F Button

THE funeral took place at Gorleston Crematorium of Mr Henry Frederick Button of Corton, who died at James Paget Hospital on November 26, aged 76.The Rev Roger Kent officiated.

THE funeral took place at Gorleston Crematorium of Mr Henry Frederick Button of Corton, who died at James Paget Hospital on November 26, aged 76.

The Rev Roger Kent officiated.

Immediate family mourners were, Mrs E Button, Mr and Mrs P Button, Mr and Mrs J Rednall, Mr A Button, Mr D Button, Mr R Button, Miss C Button, Miss M Button, Mr and Mrs J Goddard, Mr N Button, Mrs J Button.

Among others present were, Mr and Mrs D Felgate, Mr and Mrs A Felgate (also representing Pauline Ranacres), Mr W Bartram, Mr and Mrs R Kippen, Mr M Forder (Mr Graham Steel and Ernest Doe and Sons Ltd), Mr S Perkins Snr, Mr S Perkins Jnr, Mr G Perkins, Mr and Mrs J Lewis, Mrs A Bishop, Mrs J Claxton, Mr P Offord, Mrs L Blowen, Mr L Jermy, Mr and Mrs S Middleton, Mr P Kidner, Mr C Ashworth (Frontier), Mr M Quantrill, Mr R Quantrill, Mr and Mrs W Quantrill, Mr J Creasey, Mr T Fuller, Mr and Mrs B Hudson, Mr and Mrs L Cornell (family), Mr J Holt (J and H Bunn Ltd), Mr and Mrs D Hume, Mrs P Hume, Miss D Hume, Miss E Hume, Mr and Mrs R Hill, Mr R Bond, Miss Millie Rednall, Mr G Spendlove, Mr and Mrs P Fleming, Mr and Mrs S Downing, Mr R Wharton, Mr and Mrs F Taylor, Mr B Conway, Mr T Noble, Mr M Pipe, Mr A Colls (J Armstrong), Mr S Rees, Mr T Beane, Mr H Daynes, Mr A James, Mr P James, Mr K James, Mr S Frost, Mr R Quantrill, Mr and Mrs D Chamberlin, Mr W Day, Mr and Mrs M MacKay, Mr K Jones, Michael Walpole (CWG), Mr and Mrs David Jermy, Mr and Mrs J Soanes, Mrs T Curtis (Mr V Curtis), Stephen and Karen Flaxman, Mr and Mrs P Keenan, Tracy Miller, Dawn Miller, Glyn Lewis, Wayne Carter, Neil, Sally and Jean Jermy, Ben and Jo Claxton, Charlotte Mummery, Denis Meadow (Old Dyssean Society), Deborah Jermy, Richard Jermy, Gerald Alderton, Andrew Jermy, Neville Jermy, Mr N Barker, Mary and Tony Truman, Bob Coutts, John Collen, Nicholas Rudge, Mr and Mrs M and W Hayward (Hayward United Farmers), Douglas and Pearl Flaxman, Mark Boon, Mr K Alexander, Mr and Mrs J Hodgkin, Stuart Oxley, Gerald Godfrey, Janet Brown, Robert Brown, Christopher Edwards, Michael Edwards, Keith and Margaret Cooper, Thomas Cooper, Stephen Jacob, John Flaxman, Jeoffrey Cooper, Ray and Fiona Groom, Mike Bardsley (Three Rivers Veterinary Group), Jason Riseborough, Simon Lewis, Barry Holman, Ernest Forder, Peter and Helen Wearing, Mr and Mrs F Browne, Victor and Sandra Burton (Hilda Burton), Colin Read, Dawn and Michael Millage, Roger Walford, Mike Savage (National Farmers Union), Zoe Muggleton (National Farmers Union).

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The family of the late Mr Henry Button would like to thank friends for their many expressions of sympathy and support. Grateful thanks also for the generous donations to the Bridge Road Surgery Equipment Fund.

Funeral arrangements by Harvey Bros of Kirby Cane.

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