Mr K R G Boyce

THE funeral service took place at St Michael's Church, Oulton, on Friday, July 31, for Keith Boyce, who died on July 18, aged 58.The Rev Heather Wilcox officiated.

THE funeral service took place at St Michael's Church, Oulton, on Friday, July 31, for Keith Boyce, who died on July 18, aged 58.

The Rev Heather Wilcox officiated.

Mourners were: Steven and Mandy Boyce, Jake French, Lucy and Steve Moore, Kate Boyce and Michael Wing, Colin and Lorraine Boyce, Andrew and Liz Boyce, Vi Boyce, Chris Boyce, Laura Colby, Clare Stratford, Phil Stebbings, Graham Smith, Linda Wilson, Carl and Maggie, Eric and Maureen Smith, Ray Soames, Peter Gray, Danny O'Neill, Nigel and Sandie Riches, Jock Paterson, Bob Harris, Darren Cooper, Ian Brown (Browny), Paul Seager, Jim Golder, Terry Austin, Mr Bill Rampling, Mr Des Kelly, Kantu Patel, Denis and Jean Bunn, Peter Chaplin, Bob Neill, Keiron Davey, Mark Sloane, Steve Mullen, John Beamish, John Syme, Trevor and Diane Cornwell, Paul Mooney, Paul Brown, Peter Read, Paul Henderson, Rachael O'Connell, Matt Kerry, Ray Long, George Moran, Mark Labdon, Paul Field, Philip Cornford, Simon Reeves, Mark Sanderson, Travis Leech, Jock Wilson, Vaughan Shea, Ian Pettitt, David Rudd, Stephen and Susan James, Sue Andrews and Mike, Gemma Peaper, Jackie and Mick Peaper, Bob and Dawn Ayers, Mark Hind, Geoff and Rita Moore, Diane Waller, Carol Block, Mrs Sheila Huggins, Penny and Robbie Barley, Anne and Derrick Bailey, Ann and Billy Kingaby, Kathleen and Stuart Edmonds, Peter West, Tracy and Kevin Swatman, Mark and Jackie Scrivens, Jackie and Derek Shaw, Bob Croft, Emma Allchurch, Jane Whittaker, Warren Whittaker, John Guymer, John and Rosie Page, Ben Cole, Teresa Wing, Mr and Mrs Ayers, Mr and Mrs Alan Bidwell, Keith, Debbie, Shane and Laura Swatman, Dale Henshall, Teresa Henshall, Stuart James, Lisa Swatman, Brian Swatman, Carol and Michael Wylie, Carole and Alan Swatman, Mark Swatman and Jasmin Farebrother, Julie and Glen Martin, Richard and Lesley Swatman, Heather and Mickey, Tony Fuller.

The family wish to thank all relatives and friends for their kind sympathy and donations towards The Stroke Association. Special thanks go to the Fire Service who provided their supports and services on the day.

Please accept this as the only but most grateful and sincere acknowledgment.

Funeral arrangements were by Anglia Co-operative Funerals, 1 Terminus Building, Pakefield Street, Lowestoft.

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