Mr L J Monkhouse

THE funeral and memorial service took place at St Margaret's Church, Lowestoft, on Thursday, June 26, followed by a private committal at Gorleston Crematorium for Laurence John Monkhouse, former Director of Planning and Building Control for Waveney District Council.

THE funeral and memorial service took place at St Margaret's Church, Lowestoft, on Thursday, June 26, followed by a private committal at Gorleston Crematorium for Laurence John Monkhouse, former Director of Planning and Building Control for Waveney District Council. He died on June 15, aged 68.

Canon John Simpson officiated.

Family mourners were: Christine Monkhouse, Peter Monkhouse and Kathryn Edwards, Emma and Sarah Monkhouse, Kate Wright and Jimmy Gadney, Rebecca Wright and Jamie Gadney, Helen and Martin Soanes, Sally Soanes, Rachel Monkhouse, Amy and Steve Hutchinson, Lydia and Polly Hutchinson, John and Judy Greensmith, Angus and Hilary McKerrow, Lee and Linda Soanes, Shane Wright.

Over 200 people attended the service, including: Graham and Terrie Anderton, Margaret Ashbee, David Ayers, Edward and Sue Back, Alan Bagley, Roy Balls, Mike and Carol Barnard, Edwin Barritt, David and Marcia Beale, Mike Bell, Roger and Nicki Bell, Keith and Fiona Benjamin, John and Jack Berrey, Malcolm Berridge, Bernadette Bidmead, Drena Black, Jack and Liz Blyth, Stella Bostock, Oonagh Boucher, Robert Bracey, Brian Brereton, Nick Brighouse, Derek and Sandra Brown, Rosemary and Beryl Burwood, Roger and Marguerite Calvert, Rita Capps, Rita and Trevor Carter, Dermot Cashin, Ken and Daphne Challice, Caroline Clamp, Viv Codd, Geoff and Sue Colby, Susan Cook, Richard Cox, Tina Crisp, Denis Cullum, Joyce and Jenny Dale, Steve Earl, Margaret Ellis, John Emmett, Mike Ferguson, John and Marie Field, Mike and Rochelle Franks, Stefan Ganther, Alan and Rosemary Garfitt, Lyn Gash, Hugh Gatenby, Gus Govett, Tina Gowen, Peter Grubb, John Hall, Bill and Susan Hall, Barry Hall, Sally Hallet, David Harding, Diana Hartley, Linda Hollis, John Holmes and Linda, Brian and Sheila Hunter, Tony and Jeanette James (also representing the Royal Harwich Yacht Club), Lesley Jurd, Terry Kelly, John and Pippa Kilgour, George and Rose Kinder, David King, Anne and Billy Kingaby, Molly Kingman, Paul Kirby, Roger Knights (Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club), Bernie Ladd, Rona and Bill Lamey, Brenda James, Martin Lovett, Terry Lynes, Ludek Majer, Sue Manning, Daphne Marjoram, Wendy Mawer, Sarah McGeady (Bob and Sharon McGeady), John Mendham, Trefor and Sue Milns, Dean and Sally Minns, Cal and Jon Mitchell, Douglas Mitchell, Patricia Mockeridge, Geoff and Pat Newton, Alan Nichols, Brian and Liz Norfolk, Penney and Ian Northover-Smith, Andy Norton, Barbara and Graham Nourse, Leslie Owen, Cheryl Paget, Peter Parker, Phil Perkin, Martin Philpot, Geoffrey Ramsdale, Charlotte Read, Desi Reed, Babs and Tony Rees, Barry Reid, Janet and Colin Richardson, Charlotte Robertson, Marie Rodgers, Ruth Sainsbury, Jeremy Schofield, Mack and Joy Scott, Chris Seago, Stevie Shepherd, Andrew Shepherd, Trish Slade, Eric Smee, Barbara Smith, Stuart and Anna Smith, Diane and David Smith, Brian and Lyn Smith, Neil Smith, Brian Soloman, Valerie Soloman, John Stannard, James Steward, Dave and Pam Stride, Geoffrey Swain (Clifford Smith, Stewart Grimwade, and Peter Golder), Yvonne Syme, Karen Tanner, Sybil Taylor, Claire Taylor-Crisp, Brian Thornton, Tony Tibbenham, John and Francoise Tilley, Irene Turrell, Melanie Vigo di Gallidoro, Tony Walmsley, Bernie Ward, Peter Waring, Celia Webber, Don Welch, Robert Welham, Debbi Wickes, Stephen Wood, Tom Woolley, John and Maggie Wylson, Ruth Yarrien. Flowers were given by: Chris: Ruin hath taught me thus to ruminate, that time will come and take my love away, this thought is as a death which cannot choose, but weep to have, that which it fears to lose. Pete: Very sad, but very, very proud. Katie-Baa: You really were the bestest dad. Helen: I may have once wished for “normal parents” but I couldn't have wished for a better dad. Rebecca: To a very special grandpa, I'll be thinking of you, I'm going to miss you. Jamie: You are the greatest grandpa in the world, you taught me how to sail. Emma: Grandpa, I miss you very much and you will always be the best grandpa ever. Sarah: Dear grandpa, I love you, you have taught me so much, I will miss you so much, lots and lots of love. Sally (age three months): Dear grandpa, you made me smile. Kathy, Jimmy, Martin: We will all miss you so very much, but we are all so happy to have known you and to be part of your family. Rachel: As my brother you have always been there for me every day of my life, no one could have had a better brother. Amy and Hutch: The perfect uncle, the perfect gentleman. Lydia and Polly: To uncle Laurence from your great nieces, we will miss you in lots of ways. Lydia Eva Project Team: Much valued friend and colleague - sadly missed from the Lydia Eva Project Team. Cal and Jon: Deepest sympathy, with all our love, our thoughts and our prayers, our deepest condolences to you all.

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The family would like to thank especially the staff on Ward 5 at the James Paget Hospital, Canon Simpson for a comforting and moving service, Sansoms Florists, Donny Cole for providing a wonderful buffet and the World Famous Lowestoft Wine Company for the drinks, and all the friends and colleagues who came from so far away and helped to make it a day of celebration for Laurence's life and work. Donations for Cancer Research or the Lydia Eva and Mincarlo Trust can be sent to Critoph and Crowe (cheques payable to Critoph and Crowe Charity Account), 49-55 Lorne Park Road, Lowestoft, NR33 0RB. Thank you all.

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