Mr Simon Wood Greaves

THE funeral service took place at Ss Margaret and Mary Church, Norton Subcourse for Mr Simon Wood Greaves of Norton Subcourse who died on December 18, aged 69 years.

THE funeral service took place at Ss Margaret and Mary Church, Norton Subcourse for Mr Simon Wood Greaves of Norton Subcourse who died on December 18, aged 69 years.

The Rev Nick Will and Rev Robert Soanes officiated with Rev Martin Houseman.

Mourners were: Mrs P Wood Greaves (wife), Mr M Wood Greaves (son), Mrs N Wood Greaves (daughter-in-law), Master Patrick Wood Greaves (grandson), Master Phillip Wood Greaves (grandson), Master Neil Wood Greaves (grandson), Mr and Mrs Brinley Crick (daughter and son-in-law), Mr and Mrs Ian Abel (daughter and son-in-law) Rory Abel (grandson), Kirsten Abel (granddaughter), Jenna Abel (granddaughter), Mr John Howes, Mr Benjamin Howes, David Holman, Archie Maclean, Carly Earl, Nigel Hudson, Mair Talbot, Fred Jarrold, Mrs Christine Smith (also representing Peter Smith), Mrs L Edwards (Mr M Edwards), Tony Baxter (A L Baxter), Dick Grieve, Dick Smith, Kim Flint, C J Tuthill, Steve Bunn, W Barnes, Howard Clayton, John Maitland, A Burges, Chris Craft (the board of Volkswagen Group UK Ltd), Anne Potter, Don Beck, Sid Garwood, Sue Gowen, David Whitehead, Lisa Hurrell, Craig Lanhous, Mr and Mrs L Jackson, Mr and Mrs R Miskin, Mr and Mrs K Jackson, Andy Bastow, Alan Preston, Heather Longman, Bruce Longham, Matt Mills, Jenny Mills, David Naylor, Jan King, Scott Stephens, Frank Williams, Nina Rayson, Richard Rayson, Mark Rose, Paul Miller, Andy Clarke, Paul Hayward, J Beckham, Roger Mawer, Margaret Harris, Ian Ash, Robin Warner, V Phelan, Angela Beck, Rosemary Youngs, J Goodrum, Mrs Sara Will, Pat Allerton, Lynne Allerton, Michael Wing, Michelle Wing, Teresa Wing, Mr B Tyler, Carol Grant, Robert “Happy” Hudson, Mrs Roma Rushmer, Maureen Lewis, Mr Karl Gisborne (Mr and Mrs R Gisborne), J Cary, Mrs Sian Mortlock, Huw Caine, Steve Butler, Peter Townard, Larry Payne, Barry Turner, Diana and Ray Smith, Pat and Bob Abel, Pat and Tony Beare, June and John Jennings, Robin and Margaret Campion, Paul and Pushpa Rooprai, Neera and George Woodgreaves, Roy and Eunice Munnings, Mark and Maria Mummery, Graham Riches, Pam and Ian Elliot, Mr and Mrs S Antcliffe, Alan Cook, Mrs Cook, Norman and Rachel Cossey (James Cossey and Mrs G Cossey, Mr and Mrs S E O Farrow, Molly and David Wones, Eunice and Bob Price, Alison and Kevin (Mr and Mrs Tyler) Mr and Mrs Peter Aldis, Peter and Kathy Oldfield, Robert Horne, Doreen Horne, David and Naomi Poole, Mr and Mrs J Aldis, Michael and Sheila Brown, Shirley and Chris Colby, Rosemary and Anthony de Vere, Mr and Mrs Wilson, Gemma and Tanya Colby, Andy and Mandy Wilson, Mr and Mrs B Crane, Paul Utting, Kathy Woodgreaves, Daniel and Charlene Sivitter, Brian and Mandy Read, Dawn and Rowan Parker, David and Lesley Crisp, Phil and Mandy Hoadley, Sue and Nigel Edwards, Liz Grieve, Steve and Tracey Earl, Mr and Mrs Jack Munnings, Gerard and Gillian Pretty, Margaret and John Coleman, Mr and Mrs Anderson, Joy and Carl Butcher, Mr and Mrs P Walpole, Jennifer and Derek Gibson, D Chubbock and Mrs Chubbock, Steve and Janet Sewell, Richard and Shirley Garrod, Kate and Alan Burson, Pauline and Billy Warner, Mr and Mrs G Collen, Lee Jackson, Tracy Jackson, Dean, Rosemary and Jorden Knell, Sarah and Clive Cooksey, Mark Crick, Richard Scott, Arthur Crick, Michael Davenport, Pete Hunt, Kevin Harwood, Clive Chapman, Jean Humphreys, Martin Nield, Julie and family, Anthony Robinson, Anthony Trevelyan, David Clarkson, Stephen Cant, Diana Newman, P Coates, Tim Hammond, Brian Allender, Keith Savale, Paul Clark, Eve Playle, Karen Curtis and family, Susan Robinson, Andrea Hood, John Knight, Billy Hollis, Kevin Wilson, Greg Sampson, Andrew Tayler, Sarah Hill, David Pearce, Ann Pearce, Bill Cooper (Poor Marsh Trust), Manjit Sohanpal, Kuldeep Sohanpal, Malcolm Coles, Philip and Lesley Smooter, Stephen and Shelley Long, Peter Ayles, Mark Dangual, Andrea and Patrick George (Phyllis Adams Dancing), Trudy Burrage, Phil Waltham, Neville Lambert, Paul Smith, Matt Turner, Mike French, Garry Howes, Manfred Munnings, Russell Sampson, Derek Black, Sue Williams, Robert Nicholson, Kevin Fox, Mark Clayton, Jane Bentley, Darren Sampson, Sarah Green, Helen Fletcher, R Williams, Michael and Margaret Mills, Stewart Bligh, Michael Phelan, Gerald Bradley, John Wykes (George Middleditch) and Mrs B Breheny (Mrs N Gage).

Unavoidably absent were: Lily Crick, Gabriella Crick and Brinley Crick Jnr.

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Funeral arrangements were by R Rivett Ltd, 15 Carlton Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk NR33 0RU.

The family of Mr Simon Wood Greaves wish to thank all relatives and friends for their many kind expressions of sympathy, beautiful floral tributes and donations received. Donations for JPH NHS Foundation Trust, Ward 17 are still being accepted c/o R Rivett Ltd, 15 Carlton Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk NR33 0RU.

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Special thanks to Dr Braithwaite and Dr Asad Tawfik, Ward 17, Sandra Chapman Centre and all nursing staff.

Would all please accept this as the only but most grateful acknowledgment.

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