Mrs M J James

THE funeral service took place at St John the Baptist Church, Lound, on Friday, February 26, followed by burial in the churchyard, for Margaret Jane James, of Back Lane, Lound, who died on February 8, aged 56.

THE funeral service took place at St John the Baptist Church, Lound, on Friday, February 26, followed by burial in the churchyard, for Margaret Jane James, of Back Lane, Lound, who died on February 8, aged 56.

Rev Leslie Hobbs officiated.

Mourners were: Chris James (husband), Beryl Burt (mother), Elizabeth Burt (sister), Robert and Donna Burt (brother and sister-in-law), Andrew and Fiona Burt (brother and sister-in-law), Alec and Joy James (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Roy and Marlene James (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Bruce James (Brother-In-Law), Robin and Barbara James (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Janet Betts (sister-in-law), Stephen and Susan James (brother-in-law and sister-in-law). Chloe Stimpson (nee Burt) and bump, Verity Burt, Thomas Burt, Oliver Burt, Philip James, Julia Gledhill-James, Andrew James, Jane Armiger, Stuart James, Charlotte Read, Alastair James, Helen Buckingham, Rachel Segust, John Clarke, Paul and Linsey Clarke, Joanne James, Nicola Holland, Daniel James, Emma James, Beryl Thompson, Stephen Weston, Jean Pattison, Rosalind Roots, C White, B and I Mallett, Mrs E Ward, J Homes, Rita Flatt, Rachel Ottley, Vera Turlington, Z Osborn (nee Goffin), Betty Philpott, Chris Levett, Mary Truman, Rosemary Taylor, Janet Clarke, Christine Law, Hilary Baker, Babs Wright, Barbara Branch, Pam Fowler, M. Campbell, Jill Harrop, Graham Harrop, Judith Hobbs, Denise Ffitch, Lesley McDonald, Angela Nichols, John Nichols, Bridget Hudson, Seanie Key, Margaret Simmonite, Eileen Morgan, Audrey Clothier, Glenda Weavers, R Weston, P Plummer, Pamela James, Julie Nichol, David Deacon, John and Mary Burt, May Nicholson, Penny Napthine, John Burford, Jenny Prettyman, Gillian Hubbard, Linda Cushing, Sheila Burgess, Megane Fortune, Moira Selvage, David Read, G and E Drake (also representing B Shaw), I J Mayes, Tom Smith, Jill Smith, Jill Waite, Dan Waite, Susan Strowlger, Paul Strowlger, Lesley J Norton, Pam Newark-Miller, Canon John Simpson, Irene Nickerson, Pam Jarmey, Jon Dunster, Richard Hackney, Rachelle Balls, Rosalie Thomas, Martin Thomas, Louis Smith, Robin Taylor (Godson), Peter Smith, Richard Shaw, Sylvia Shaw, Elena Kinchington, Philip and Liz Horn, A W Mallett, Nicola Beach, Carol Tooke, P and S Keenan, Joyce and Roger Parker, John Dashwood, Stannas Bellaby, Karen Clarke, Florence Mapes, Fiona McKeawn, Sheila Powell, Michael and Maggie Kingston, Jane Freeman, Martin Wylie, Josie Wooltorton, Roy Wooltorton, Wendy Mallett, Arthur Mallett, Chelsie Segust, Paul Segust, Pat Mounser, Alf Baker, Linda Clark, Jeff Rulton, Mr and Mrs Hiscock, J Turlington, Councillor Colin Law (WDC), Councillor Mike Barnard (Suffolk County Council), Doreen Edwards, Rosie Ranson, John Ranson, Vera Ranson, Tyrone Powell, Gwyn Kelf, Brian Hubbard, Ian and Grace O'Neill, Sheila Rodgers, Rosie Houghton, Kate Pace, Tom Pace, Miriam Drake, Enid and Peter Larcombe, Sally Popham, James Bishop, Reg Vivienne, John Coleman, Lucy Napthine, Rev Matthew Payne, Victoria Drake, Anne Cossey, Dusty Miller, Mike and Dianne Coleby, K Jarvis, Christine Kennell, Stan Beckett, Ester Drake, David Drake, Evelyn Carey, Jim Carey, Tim Read, Mick and Paula Long, B Faulkner, K Leadbetter, Bev Dunster, Clive Ffitch, Margaret Hunter, John Hunter, Judith Harvey, Jenny Poole, Bertie Poole, Helen Dodson, David Burt, Peter Burt, Jean and John Kingston, Geraldine and Jannita Bailey, Jean and Doug Youngs, Angie Haworth, Olive Haworth, Paul Stimpson, Kay Flowerday, Roy Murray, Guy Jenkins, Anthony Holland, Dorothy Drew (representing Frankey and John Sayer), Valerie and Hayley Rose.

Floral tributes were: In Memory of a Dear Wife Margy. Little did we know that morning, what sorrow the day would bring, a heart of gold stopped beating, and we couldn't do a thing, so let heaven's love surround you, for this you do deserve, may God make up in heaven what life denied you on earth. Love always Your Chris.

Darling Margy, lots of love from Mum and Liz. Safe and at peace with your saviour. See you later to praise him together.

Dear Margy Jane James. We are thinking of you resting in the arms of Jesus. With much love Robbie, Donna Chloe and Paul, Andy, Verity and Pete and thank you for sharing your many talents with us.

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Dear Mag, God Bless you, rest in peace, miss you, with love from Andy, Fi, Tom and Oli.

In Loving Memory of Margy from Joy and Alec

In Loving Memory. Dear Margy much loved Sister-In-Law and Auntie, peacefully rest now, love from Janet and Peter, Julie and Family, Paul and Family.

With so much love, Mu.

In Loving Memory of Aunt Margy, rest in peace. Love from Philip, Julia, Seth and Rosemary.

In Loving Memory. To a Dear Aunty and Godmother, we will remember you always with lots of love and affection Daniel and Emma.

In Memory of a kind and gentle Lady, dear Aunt Margy, night night with our love Karen and John.

In Loving Memory of a Dear Aunty, night night sleep tight, love Megan and Molly.

With Love from the Felnor Family.

The family wishes to thank all relatives and friends for their kind expressions of sympathy, beautiful floral tributes and donations for JPUH NHS Foundation Trust (Macmillan Nurses) and Tearfund (all cheques payable to Critoph & Crowe Charity Account) which are still being accepted c/o Critoph & Crowe, 49-55 Lorne Park Road, Lowestoft, NR33 0RB.

Special thanks to Rev Leslie Hobbs, Rev Roger Key, Michael Kingston, Rev Jonathan Riviere, and Helen Buckingham for their part in the service and Mr John Robbens for playing the organ. Special thanks also to the good friends from the village who helped with refreshments in the village hall and the car parking.

Will all please accept this as the only but most sincere acknowledgement.

Funeral arrangements were by Critoph & Crowe, 49-55 Lorne Park Road, Lowestoft, NR33 0RB. Tel 01502 564285.

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