Mum's justice campaign gathers pace

More than 17,000 people have signed a petition set up by a Yarmouth mother to help save babies born before 22 weeks gestation, making it among the top-ten longest lists of signatures on the Government's e-petition website.

More than 17,000 people have signed a petition set up by a Yarmouth mother to help save babies born before 22 weeks gestation, making it among the top 10 longest lists of signatures on the government's e-petition website.

Sarah Capewell, 23, wants to prove the level of public dissatisfaction with the current guidance on when babies can be given life-saving care by adding enough names, more than 70,000, to take it to the number one spot in a chart of more than 4,000 petitions.

As reported in the EDP last month, Miss Capewell gave birth to her son Jayden when she was 21 weeks and five days into her pregnancy, two days before the 22-week gestation limit under which British medical guidance says intensive care should not be given.

Despite her pleas he was denied help and the chance to live, even though he cried out and lived for two hours.

In the aftermath - spurred on by a growing understanding that it was not a rare occurrence and to give voice to what others were too desolate to express - she set up the campaign group Justice for Jayden.

Now, Miss Capewell, who lives in Crown Road with her grandparents and five-year-old daughter Jodie, has had to put her own wedding stationery business on the back-burner to co-ordinate the campaign, which has won cross-party support and unexpectedly plunged her into the national media spotlight.

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To help it grow and maintain momentum a series of events and a campaign CD are planned, the proceeds of which will also be used to support families who lose their premature babies.

She said: 'It feels like I am doing something worthwhile - speaking up for a lot of people who say they have not had the strength to do it and having them thank me for it.

'I opened my mouth because I thought it was right but I had no idea it was happening so often.

'It is like a whirlwind. I never thought it would take off like this.'

The first event for Justice for Jayden is at Gorleston's Pavilion Theatre where directors - touched by her story and impressed by her singing voice - have agreed to one extra summer variety show on October 30 which will feature an Abba finale and Miss Capewell singing a track called Never be Healed from the campaign album.

The as yet untitled album is due to be released at Christmas and features unsigned acts, some of whom are said to be hotly tipped.

'Everything is heading in the right direction. I would really like more signatures on the Downing Street petition which will be handed in to the prime minister at the end of January. But we need to be number one to really be noticed,' Miss Capewell added.

t The Pavilion's two-hour song, dance and comedy show with waitress service at candlelit tables is at 7.45pm Tickets are �15, �13 and �5 via 01493 662832.

An event at Great Yarmouth's seafront Caesar's Bar is also planned for October 23.

t To find out more about the campaign and to sign the petition visit

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