Toy fanatic moves house to make room for My Little Pony collection


Miranda with just some of her My Little Pony collection. - Credit: Miranda Worby

A woman who has been collecting My Little Pony since she was a little girl, now has one of the biggest toy collections in the UK.

Miranda Worby, 38, has lived with her partner Ian, 65, in Lowestoft for the past three years and has such a large collection she even moved house to make room for it.

The 38-year-old owns Lowestoft Marine Aquatics on the historic high street.

Miss Worby has such a huge My Little Pony collection she has lost track of how many she has.


Miranda has lost track of the number of My Little Pony she has. Three years ago she counted 2,000. - Credit: Miranda Worby

"I've always collected them, ever since I was a little girl, but I didn't start seriously until about 1999.

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"I love the fact that they are all different and that I can take them around with me everywhere.

"Last time I checked I had around about 2,000 of them, which was three years ago, but now I have lost count," the 38-year-old said.

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Miss Worby convinced her partner to buy them a bigger house so that she could house her My Little Pony collection in a specific display room.

my little pony

Miranda convinced her partner Ian to buy them a new home to house all of the My Little Pony. - Credit: Miranda Worby

She said: "In our old house there wasn't enough room to put them all on display and they were just kept in boxes.

"At least now I have my own room and my partner can just leave me all to it."

The 38-year-old has a favourite pony which is called Sundance and she has 13 different versions of Sundance.

Miss Worby has spent different amounts of money on different types of My Little Pony.


The ponies all range in size and price. - Credit: Miranda Worby

"The cheapest one I have bought was 5p from a second hand shop but the most expensive one was £500 and this is a big arcade ride on one.

"They definitely vary in price," Miss Worby said.

The 38-year-olds aim is to have every single My Little Pony that has been made in the world and she wanted to emphasise the community spirit among the adult toy collecting world.

my little pony

Miranda's eventual aim is to collect every single My Little Pony. - Credit: Miranda Worby

She added: "The adult toy collecting community is one of the biggest in the UK and worldwide.

"I always find people on social media who message me to ask whether they want to swap ponies or tell me if I am missing one from my collection.

"It feels positive in these difficult times."

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