Mystery still remains over fairy door in Carlton Colville

Fairy door appears on Chestnut Crescent

Fairy door appears on Chestnut Crescent - Credit: Archant

Mystery still surrounds the small fairy door that has brought some magic to the residents of Carlton Colville.

Fairy door appears on Chestnut Crescent

Fairy door appears on Chestnut Crescent - Credit: Archant

The door appeared on a tree in Chestnut Crescent before Christmas.

But despite running a story last week, we at The Journal are still in the dark as to who is responsible for the creation as the mystery creator continues to remain away with the fairies.

Initial magical enquiries pointed the finger at Waveney Norse, who said: 'Our team has done some work on the tree to ensure it continues to flourish and remain a talking point for the local community.' But when asked if it was responsible for the door, the spokesman said: 'No, it just appeared.'

Jenny Hook, who lives on The Street, initially alerted us to the mysterious arrival.

'I still have no idea who put it there, which is quite nice really.

'Over the past week I have noticed a lot of cars up there and a few children getting out to have a look, which is cute', she said.

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It was then revealed through Journal reader Sue Comer, that the origin of the door might have been a more historic act of kindness.

'I can't tell you who put the current door in but my husband drew the original door on the base of the tree in the early 1980s.

'We lived in neighbouring Woodlands Avenue and at that time, he did it for our daughters Kathryn and Claire, who always remember it as a magical thing,' she added.

Journal photographer James Bass then provided an insight that it might be something to do with the East Anglia's Children's Hospices and their link with photographic company The Fairies and Elves, who regularly donate to the charity.

However EACH media officer Laura Beveridge said: 'I've spoken to our fund-raising team and sadly there is no link to us on this one.'

Photographer Paul Peek, who is responsible for the East Anglian Fairies and Elves Experience, added: 'It wasn't anything to do with us but I think it is truly magical.'

Many people have been commenting on social media that they have taken their children to see it and to emphasise the magical joy that the door has brought to the village.

Amy Frary said: 'In a world full of misery and suffering, it is lovely to see someone bring a little bit of magic in to people's lives.

'The tree hasn't been damaged and the council are helping make sure the tree is looked after, so this is surely a good thing.'

Zee Rushmere added: 'When I was younger in Carlton Colville, someone used to paint a door and doorbell on each year and it was always known as the tree where the fairy lived.

'It is great for the next generation.'

Karen Clark concluded: 'What a lovely selfless act, well done to the person, or fairy, who created it.'

Fairies were often said to be invisible - and whoever is responsible definitely fits the bill, as Carlton Colville continues to enjoy its own magical mystery story.

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