More DIY and barking dogs sparks rise in noisy neighbour complaints during coronavirus lockdown

A young woman tries to sleep but is disturbed by noisy neighbours amid the coronavirus crisis. East

A young woman tries to sleep but is disturbed by noisy neighbours amid the coronavirus crisis. East Suffolk Council has called on residents to be a 'good neighbour'. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A council has called on people to think of others following increased complaints about noisy neighbours during the coronavirus lockdown.

East Suffolk Council has urged locals to help build community spirit and always be a good neighbour during “these unprecedented times.”

With an increase in the numbers of people at home under the current restrictions, the council’s Environmental Health Team has received an increase in noise complaints.

With the weather improving, and the likelihood that people will want to spend more time outside, the council is now offering tips and advice to help locals.

The council said the Environmental Health team has received increased complaints from residents who are suffering additional, avoidable stress arising from the inconsiderate actions of a minority.

A council spokesman said: “In particular, our team is hearing about excessive noise from a variety of sources, including entertainment – TV and music, DIY activities and barking dogs.

“We are also receiving calls about garden bonfires.” As the council’s Environmental Health Team has to investigate noise complaints, while methods of working have changed in accordance with safety guidelines, this service remains available.

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James Mallinder, the council’s cabinet member for the environment, said: “We know that these are unprecedented times and it can be frustrating being confined to our homes for longer than normal.

“However, we really want everyone to remember that your neighbours are also in the same position and everyone’s mental and emotional wellbeing is incredibly important.

“This is especially relevant for the vulnerable sectors of society who have been asked by the government to isolate themselves for several weeks.

“It is also important for those members of our society who are having to work long shifts in essential services such as nursing, medical and social care, food manufacturing and retail and delivery services, who may be trying to sleep during the daytime.

“With weather also now improving people will want to spend more time outside.

“This can cause additional pressures on neighbouring properties.”

Visit and if you are concerned about noise visit

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