Stunning drone shots capture some of east coast's best landmarks

Great Yarmouth seafront.

Great Yarmouth seafront. - Credit: Arielshotsuk Instagram

Several drone shots have been released highlighting landmarks across the east coast of Norfolk and Suffolk.

The pictures, captured by drone photographer Matthew Collins for his Arielshotsuk Instagram page, highlight iconic vistas and buildings scattered along the east coast. 

Britannia Pier

The Britannia Pier, an icon of Great Yarmouth's seafront. - Credit: Arielshotsuk Instagram

People can be seen enjoying Great Yarmouth beach in the day time while the Britannia Pier, which opened in 1901, still dominates the landscape.

Great Yarmouth seafront at night.

The Pleasure Beach is illuminated on Great Yarmouth seafront at night. - Credit: Arielshotsuk Instagram

Great Yarmouth seafront at night.

The bright lights of Great Yarmouth seafront. - Credit: Arielshotsuk Instagram

These two aerial shots showcase the bright lights of Great Yarmouth seafront at night time. The Ferris wheel will be open for the rest of the summer season in the town.

Marina Centre under development.

The new Marina Centre was making great progress at the beginning of August 2021. - Credit: Arielshotsuk Instagram

The new Marina Centre is taking shape ahead of its scheduled opening in Summer 2022.

The Norfolk Borads with the Thurne Windmill in the picutre.

The Norfolk Broads near Thurne at the golden hour. - Credit: Arielshotsuk Instagram

Happisburgh Lighthouse

The lighthouse at Happisburgh, a Norfolk landmark. - Credit: Arielshotsuk Instagram

Thurne Windmill and Happisburgh lighthouse are two of the best loved landmarks in rural Norfolk.

The lighthouse reopened to the public in July.

Pleasurewood Hills near Lowestoft.

Pleasurewood Hills near Lowestoft. - Credit: Arielshotsuk Instagram

The award-winning Pleasurewood Hills features over 35 rides, shows and attractions.

An updated list of what is currently open is included on the website.