Claims of impending closure and bullying rubbished by primary school

Northfield St Nicholas Primary Academy has been the subject of a series of 'malicious' claims. Pictu

Northfield St Nicholas Primary Academy has been the subject of a series of 'malicious' claims. Picture: Google - Credit: Archant

A school has moved to quash 'untrue' allegations made about its potential closure and widespread bullying.

Northfield St Nicholas Primary Academy, in Lowestoft, was the subject of a series of claims written under the guise of Lowestoft Town Council on Facebook this morning - however the council has confirmed the page has no affiliation with them.

One post, which sparked a wave of reaction, said the school 'may face closure as outraged parents band together' and that several have come forward with 'horror stories of traumatic treatment and neglect.'

The same post said a local spokesman for child welfare is 'urging parents to take action' and also claimed that there would be a school meeting today at 4pm.

However in response to the claims, a spokesman for Northfield St Nicholas said: 'We want to reassure all parents and the wider local community that there is absolutely no foundation in the claims made that Northfield St Nicholas school is closing. This is completely untrue and sadly a malicious post designed to cause disruption and distress amongst our school community.

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'There are also allegations made about bullying at NSN. Again, these are completely untrue. We treat any concerns about bullying extremely seriously and they are dealt with immediately.

'Finally, the post claims there is a school meeting today at 4pm. Once again, this is not true. As ever, we have an open door policy for parents to raise any concerns or questions, and we invite parents to continue to do so in the normal way.'

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The school also sent parents a text message to say the Facebook post was a hoax and that a letter regarding the matter will be sent out today.

Meanwhile, Lowestoft Town Council condemned those responsible for the claims and emphasised that the Facebook account has no association with the council.

A spokesman for the council said: 'Unfortunately, there are individuals who choose to use social media maliciously to impersonate other people or organisations and this is something which can cause a great deal of distress.

'This particular page is in no way affiliated with Lowestoft Town Council and we have reported the content to Facebook to express our concerns.'

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