Nutritionist keen to help residents eat healthily

Jane Atkinson has provided some nutrition tips and ways for people to eat healthier as part of their

Jane Atkinson has provided some nutrition tips and ways for people to eat healthier as part of their new years resolutions. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Having made some New Year's resolutions, it is often the case that after a few weeks there is a tendency to let a few slip.

Some of the more common changes people aim to pursue are to lose weight, take up a new hobby, join a new club or for the majority of us; to eat more healthily.

To help banish a few of the dreaded winter pounds, a nutritionist from Lowestoft has provided a few simple tips and lifestyle changes that may prove beneficial.

Jane Atkinson runs Lavender House, an aromatherapy and nutritional clinic in Lowestoft, which offers a range of alternative therapies and advice for the body and mind.

She has worked as a nutrition expert since 1989 and also taught nutrition-based courses at Great Yarmouth College.

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Along with teaching yoga classes, Mrs Atkinson works in the clinic in London Road South and is an expert in how to maintain a healthy diet.

Mrs Atkinson said: 'Indulgence is a big problem. We all do it and think we will sort it later. We begin to

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feel heavy and uncomfortable having eaten too much


'People eat mostly with their senses - i.e. smell and what food looks like, but instead we should

eat intellectually with our mind.

'Your food is your medicine. People need nutrients and for their digestive system to be working well. The secret of health is enzymes as without them we would not digest a single bite of food.'

Mrs Atkinson provided some key pointers of foods to avoid and others that benefit the body on a daily basis.

'After Christmas it is important to cut down on alcohol, sugar, cakes and biscuits and to stop picking between meals,' she said.

'Processed food has too many calories and the body will absorb them far too quickly.

'Even if you are not hungry in the morning, it is important to eat some breakfast - for example, porridge, nuts and bananas, as these will help to keep sugar levels stable.

'Scrambled eggs on rye or wholemeal bread include proteins, which is advantageous.'

A final piece of advice from Mrs Atkinson is to ensure the body gets enough fluid to prevent tiredness.

'The secret is what you drink every day,' she said. 'Our bodies are made up of 70 per cent water.

'You can get tired and weary if you don't have enough. It's endless.

'Your body is like a car but without fuel the car cannot move.

'Your body will always try to work for you, and uses stored energy to help you do so. Most people treat their bodies like a Ferrari, yet feed it like a Mini.

'My last tip would be to chew your food properly and use herbs and spices which helps digestion.'

Mrs Atkinson currently runs beginners Yoga every Wednesday at the Kirkley Centre, between 7pm and 8pm.

For advice, visit Lavender House or call Mrs Atkinson on 01502 587654

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