Oliver’s army of online students

EVEN without worries over paying for their courses, the first day at university can be daunting for students as they wander corriders alone looking for their lecture room and trying to make new friends.

But thanks to an enterprising teenager from Carlton Colville, new students should no longer feel they are alone.

Oliver Dickinson, 19, is about to launch a new national website weconnectstudents.com

Similar to the Facebook social internet site, students can load a profile detailing which university or college they are going to, the course they are studying and which halls of residence they will be living at.

Other students at the same university or course can then make contact through the website – hopefully leading to friendship or a place to share thoughts on the university and city or town that students are studying at.

The site will also create links so students can go on to contact each other through Facebook and other social networks.

It will cost a one off fee of a �1 for students to sign up and they can contact other students throughout their time at university.

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weconnectstudents.com will also let students put their CV online so employers can easily search for graduates to employ, such as engineering students.

Advertisers wil also be able to place advertisements targeting students.

Oliver is launching the website as he is an international business student at Plymouth University and knows how difficult life as a new student can be.

It will be the second business venture the former East Norfolk Sixth Form College student has set up.

At the beginning of 2009, Oliver started Fluid Advertising which designed, printed and distributed high quality leaflets.

Oliver, who is spending �14,000 on creating the website, hopes that within a year of his latest's venture's launch, up to 70pc of all students in the country will be logging onto it.

And he knows there will always be a huge potential customer base as thousands of new students prepare for university every summer.

He said: 'I hope weconnectstudents.com will make the university experience a much more social and beneficial one for new students.

'It will make the start of university life easier as people can make friends and swap notes on university life.'

Oliver also said his website mirrored the orginal intentions of Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg, who created a social site for students at Harvard University in America.