On your marks! Pupils at Red Oak Primary in Lowestoft enjoy race

Great School Run at Red Oak Primary School in Lowestoft.Year 2 girls race.June 2016.Picture: James B

Great School Run at Red Oak Primary School in Lowestoft.Year 2 girls race.June 2016.Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2016

It was an event set up six years ago to inspire the next generation ahead of the London 2012 Olympics - and one Lowestoft primary school is continuing to maintain the Great School Run tradition.

Determination, perseverance and resilience were on display at Red Oak Primary School in Kirkley last Friday – and judging by the smiles on the faces of pupils, fun was on the agenda once more as this year's sponsored run was hailed a success.

Organised by PE and sport co-ordinator Johnny Lee, the 2016 Great School Run raised money for East Anglia's Children's Hospices (EACH) as each year group took it in turns to do laps around the Southwell Road school field.

With the nursery classes introduced into the races this year, it meant that 380 children were involved in the event. And with family members invited to watch and cheer on the children, mums, dads, relations and toddlers were also able to participate.

Mr Lee said: 'With the parents and family members participating as well, it was a great turnout and a real community event.'

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While it was a fun run, there was also a competitive edge as pupils battled it out for a place on the podium.

The children who finished first, second and third in each year group were honoured at an Olympics-style ceremony, complete with medals and a rendition of the national anthem, while the Union Jack flag was also raised.

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The medals were presented by Woody Bear, from Pleasurewood Hills, with every child who participated receiving a certificate.

There were also medals for family members, and an extra award was given to one pupil in each year who had shown outstanding effort.

The pupils who won effort awards were entered into a prize draw to win tickets to Pleasurewood Hills.

Mr Lee said: 'The pupils have been learning about hospices in the assemblies, so they all realise the importance of why we're doing it.

'EACH is a local children's charity, so the children are helping others in the community.'

With the final amount still being tallied, the Lowestoft school hopes to surpass the £1,700 which was raised last year.

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