Oulton Broad hotel’s wedding venue built as part of a series of improvements

Ivy House country hotel, Oulton Broad.Adrian Parton (left) and Keith Parton.

Ivy House country hotel, Oulton Broad.Adrian Parton (left) and Keith Parton. - Credit: Nick Butcher

A well-known hotel has built a £1.7million purpose-built hall for weddings as part of a major series of improvements.

Ivy House country hotel, Oulton Broad.

Ivy House country hotel, Oulton Broad. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Ivy House Country Hotel owner Adrian Parton has invested substantially in improving the Oulton Broad site in 2013.

That includes redecorating and refurbishing all the rooms and bringing in a new gardener to tend to the acres of gardens, ponds and marshes it is set in.

However the centrepiece has been the Ivy Hall development, which was built in response to an overwhelming request from guests for a venue to host weddings, summer balls, parties and corporate events.

Sympathetically screened from neighbouring properties and wildlife by trees, the venue also has impressive soundproofing so that music played at a volume as high as 100 decibels can only be heard faintly outside with the doors shut.

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Mr Parton said of his plans for the hotel: 'The whole idea is to make something the town can be proud of.'

He also described the hotel as a hidden gem in a great location which links onto the Broads.

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