Oulton Parish Council

April's meeting was held at the community centre. Councillors present were Tina Claxton (chair), Charles Swan, Ivan Levett, Bill Robertson, Kevin Hodgkin, John Grisby, Suffolk County councillor Allyson Baron, PCSO Sue Kershaw and a member of the public.

April's meeting was held at the community centre. Councillors present were Tina Claxton (chair), Charles Swan, Ivan Levett, Bill Robertson, Kevin Hodgkin, John Grisby, Suffolk County councillor Allyson Baron, PCSO Sue Kershaw and a member of the public. There were apologies from Brian Hunter, Carolyn Gosling. Peter Collecott, Malcolm Cherry (SCC) and George Hawes (WDC). PCSO Kershaw said there had been seven crimes reported in March. Two were thefts from employees at Union Lane, the investigation is still ongoing; one common assault in Grampian Way; two domestic non-crimes in Whiting Road at two different addresses; one theft of an insecure cycle in Tubby Walk; and one wounding with intent in Whiting Road. She said several cycles had been taken in Oulton and Oulton Broad and advised everyone to secure their cycle. She had attended Oulton Happy Circle and advised them about purse snatches in town. Cllr Barron spoke of a new funding being availed to Waveney District Council from the Suffolk County Council locality budget for small highway projects and she had asked councillors for suggestions for the Oulton area. Cllr Swan said a pedestrian crossing at Dunston Drive or somewhere in the area was important as more and more children were crossing Gorleston Road to get to school. Other councillors had emailed their suggestions. Cllr Gosling said she didn't think there was a need for a crossing in the village as the 20mph zone slowed traffic but considered one near Dunston Drive was more important, especially for the visually impaired. Cllr Collecott said he would support a crossing but thought one near the community centre was a priority as it was at the heart of the village and would slow the traffic down. Cllr Hunter was also in favour of a pedestrian crossing in the Dunston area. Cllr Barron said she would take the ideas to the next Suffolk County Council locality meeting in July. Alterations were taking place to the roundabout in the village with new kerbing being put in. Cllr Barron said she thought HGVs would have a job negotiating the roundabout. It was suggested that heavy lorries should not use this road but go to the roundabout at the bottom of Normanston Drive. Councillor Levett said a notice had been given that yellow lines would be placed on the road at Tubby Walk but nothing had been done so far. Cllr Swan said that a guided walk was being arranged for councillors at Oulton Marshes by warden Matt Gooch and it was hoped that this would be on Saturday, June 20, at 10am. He also said that Geoff Young had offered to cut the verges and area round the village sign without charge. No feedback had yet been received about the Somerleyton Road traffic lights although it was said that they had been realigned. Cllr Claxton said that the green filter light does not always work and she will contact highways. Following a meeting with Kelly Wigley of Waveney Council clarification had been given about the parish boundary in the Bentley Drive/Johnson Way area. In the open forum Mr Snook asked what is happening to the land near Fallowfields. He was told that this land belonged to the county council and it could be used for a new school or for further housing. He suggested using it as a playing field. Planning applications were considered by councillors. These included construction of a detached double garage at The Pastures; second floor extension in Oulton Road North; construction of a house with detached garage at Parkhill; and demolition of a bungalow in Gorleston Road and construction of a new bungalow and double garage. It was stated that the construction of a house in Union Lane had been granted by Waveney Council and a ground floor extension in Cheviot Road meets all planning criteria. A skip had now been removed from the Queens Highway. No reply had been received from Waveney MP Bob Blizzard about the northern spine road. Cllr Robertson had completed the display case and plaque from the book of remembrance and there would be a dedication service at the community church on May 10. Cllr Grisby asked if the Woods Meadow development site on the council's website could be reduced, but it was considered that this was still appropriate. He also asked if another letter could be addressed regarding the Boundary Commission as the original one does not address the present position and events had since overtaken this. The council agreed not to send a further letter until the boundary position was clearer. Cllr Grisby raised the question of the house in Diprose Drive which had been destroyed by fire two years ago. Although this belongs to a building society they hadn't heard from them and residents were concerned as the house was still in a bad state, although it had been waterproofed. He also raised the question of dog bins in the Townsend Way/Howley Gardens area. As there were no bins dog mess was being put into bags and left on the ground. He was told it was unlikely that Waveney Council would provide a new bin although one could be moved from another area. Cllr Levett had been approached by a couple in Gresham Close about neighbours who had complained that a tree was blocking their light. He advised the couple to contact their solicitor. No contact had been received regarding the appointment of a new councillor for Oulton. As the time limit was now up they were permitted to co-opt a new councillor before next month's annual general meeting. Cllr Swan attended a meeting of the Broads Authority at Beccles and had been asked that Oulton Parish Council looks at Broads Authority plans in the area, especially the one for the Pegasus boatyard. Next month is the annual parish meeting, the annual parish council meeting and the ordinary monthly meeting of Oulton Parish Council. It will be on Monday, May 11, at 7pm.