‘Outstanding’ Southwold pre-school plans full-time opening

A SOUTHWOLD pre-school has been told its engagement with parents and carers is 'outstanding' after a recent Ofsted inspection.

Rosebuds Pre-school was rated 'good' across the board for its early years provision, and its outcomes for children in the early years foundation stage.

But the inspector did identify the use of computers and experiences offered to children outside the classroom as possible areas for improvement.

Meanwhile, the manager of the pre-school has announced her intention to make it full-time from Easter.

In a report following an inspection carried out on January 18, the inspector wrote: 'Partnerships with parents and carers are outstanding and feedback from them is highly positive. They say children are very well cared for in a bright, stimulating environment.

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'Staff are very supportive and keep them informed of their children's progress.'

She added: 'There are outstanding links with outside agencies and the community, and children are supported well in their learning experiences.'

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Rosebuds Pre-school was established in 1995 and is based in the hall at Southwold Primary School.

It can cater for up to 30 children under the age of eight years old and provides support to children who have special needs or require extra help with speaking English.

Manager Vivienne Beckett said: 'We have got a high standard of care at the pre-school, and the inspector said our safeguarding measures are some of the best she has ever seen.

'We do our job and we do it properly and that comes through working hard all the time.

'I've been in the job for a lot of years and it is the best Ofsted report we have ever had.'

She added: 'In Easter we have plans to go full-time.'

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