Town’s Park Run is something ‘really great to celebrate’

The first ever Lowestoft Park Run along the seafront in 2015. Picture: Nick Butcher

The first ever Lowestoft Park Run along the seafront in 2015. Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

Run Forest Run!!!

Phil Aves, Change Manager, Lowestoft Rising.

Phil Aves, Change Manager, Lowestoft Rising. - Credit: Archant

Now here's another good news story we should all celebrate, whether we are a runner or not.

Lowestoft has one of the most successful Park Runs there is around.

We certainly can boast we are the most easterly and we can probably boast it's the prettiest beach front Park Run in the country.

Where else can you run along beautiful promenades, pass beach huts of various colours (even if some have had an unexpected wash), up slopes that you should really only run down and through flower gardens finishing to a round of applause by other Park Runners at the Pier.

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Rob Fawcett and his band of volunteers get up every Saturday morning and organise a fantastic Park Run so that hundreds of runners can take part in the 9am event.

People visit from all over the country and further afield to take part while they are visiting the town. Rob always welcomes newcomers and visitors alike and everyone is very supportive and friendly.

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On special occasions like the Summer Festival and New Year's Day the team put on extra special events and I am told this year's New Year Day attendance broke all records with well over 500 runners, walkers and more taking part.

What a great sight and a great spectacle for Lowestoft to have as its own.

Exercise is good for both body and mind and getting out and running with others in the fresh air is a great tonic and a great way to start a Saturday.

No wonder Park Runs have become so popular.

And how does this all happen?

Well people like Rob Fawcett and other likeminded people at Access Community Trust got together with Waveney District Council and Lowestoft Rising and just got on and made it happen.

People came along and it just grew and grew and now we have something really great to celebrate on our seafront.

Just think, if more of us got together and did little extra things in partnership how great we could make our little town on the coast.

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