Long-term solutions needed for street plagued with parking problems

essex road lowestoft

Residents on Essex Road in Lowestoft are struggling to park due to limited amount of spaces. - Credit: Jasper King

Residents who are plagued with parking problems are calling for long-term solutions in the area.

It has been agreed that double yellow lines will be taken away from Essex Road in Lowestoft, but this will not happen until May.

Residents are pushing for additional parking in an alleyway behind Essex Road and on a plot of land north of Morrisons.

essex road lowestoft

The yellow lines are causing residents problems who park on the street. - Credit: Jasper King

East Suffolk Council said residents could apply for a parking management scheme, which prioritised on-street parking for residents and their visitors by removing all non-residents’ vehicles from the location.

And Suffolk County Council confirmed waiting restrictions still applied until they were removed.

essex road lowestoft

Not many parking spaces remained on the road during a typical weekday. - Credit: Jasper King

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Local resident Russell Moore, 28, is unhappy with the parking problems on the road, saying: "It can get so busy with parking on this road, particularly during the weekends when people often park up here to use North Quay retail park.

"It is great that the double yellow lines have been removed to allow space for five or six more additional parking spaces.

essex road lowestoft

Residents are pushing for the alleyway behind Essex Road to become a potential future parking space. - Credit: Jasper King

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"But we are pushing now for a longer-term solution to help resolve this issue. Often people will drive back home from work and there are no other spaces for them to park.

"More parking for residential use in the long-term is needed."

essex road lowestoft

Other proposals wanted by residents include a community car park on this plot of land. - Credit: Jasper King

Another resident, Adam, 28, said there were ongoing traffic problems.

He said: "I can never find anywhere to park and when I do, other people from different roads have taken the spaces already.

"People park here for the retail park as well and it takes up space.

"Another issue is other roads around the area, such as Eastern Way, have equally bad parking problems so those residents use this road for parking as well."

essex road lowestoft

Residents of Essex Road have had their say. - Credit: Jasper King

Councillor for Gunton Keith Patience has been helping the residents with their appeal to get rid of the yellow lines and has welcomed the news of the removal.

keith patience

Councillor for Gunton Keith Patience has been helping the residents. - Credit: Suffolk County Council

He said: "I am pleased with how quickly Suffolk County Council have responded to removing these unnecessary waiting restrictions.

"This short-term measure will create five to six more parking spaces on Essex Road.

"The removal of waiting restrictions now gives us future momentum to create long-term changes."

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