'Illegal and unsafe' - Rave attended by 100 revellers is shut down

The approach to Coopers Lane, off the B1437 Church Road in Kessingland.

The approach to Coopers Lane, off the B1437 Church Road in Kessingland. Picture: Mick Howes - Credit: Mick Howes

Police have slammed revellers after shutting down an illegal rave on a village field that was attended by up to 100 people.

Officers discovered an unlicensed music event in Kessingland, near Lowestoft over the weekend.

The unlawful event is understood to have started on Saturday evening (April 17) in an area "in the vicinity of Coopers Lane" in Kessingland.

With Suffolk Police alerted in the early hours of Sunday morning, officers attended at 1.25am on April 18 and found "approximately 80-100 people" on land at Coopers Lane - a public footpath off the B1437.

It led to a road accessing the area being blocked off by police cars before officers moved on to the site at around 3.45am.

The music was turned off at about 4am as the crowd of revellers dispersed.

Police however had to return to the area at around 7.30am to break up a small group of people who had remained at the site.

Temporary Superintendent Simon Mills Picture: SUFFOLK CONSTABULARY

Temporary Superintendent Simon Mills. Picture: SUFFOLK CONSTABULARY - Credit: Suffolk Constabulary

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Following the incident, a Suffolk Police chief has warned that coronavirus "continues to be a real threat" after officers were called to break up the large gathering.

Temporary Superintendent Simon Mills said: "These events are not only illegal and unsafe, they also cause unnecessary damage and disruption to residents and visitors.

"Where we can prevent, disrupt or stop a large gathering taking place, we will do everything within our power to do this, providing it’s in the best interests of all concerned.

"Coronavirus is still with us and continues to be a real threat.

"Young people are not immune to this threat and we would urge them to think twice before attending such events which are unsafe and carry a significant risk of transmitting the virus.

"Suffolk Constabulary takes a robust line in dealing with unlicensed music events and we routinely monitor social media to gather information on planned gatherings, which helps us take a proactive approach.”

Rubbish that had been left at the site was cleared on Monday by locals in the Kessingland community.

If you have information about illegal raves or any concerns about suspicious activity in your area, you can report this to police by calling 101.

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