Police issue warning to football fans in Waveney over Euro 2012

SUFFOLK police have sent out a strong message to potential troublemakers in Waveney ahead of Euro 2012 which starts tomorrow.

The force had pledged a zero tolerance approach to hooliganism across the county.

Although senior officers are aware of the possibility of problems due to the potent mix of alcohol, football, warm weather and national pride, they said there were no particular expectations of trouble.

However, a major operation, codenamed Coy, which will see more police officers on the streets, will begin in earnest when the tournament kicks off tomorrow.

It will peak on the days of England's group games against France, Sweden, and Ukraine, on Monday, next Friday and Tuesday, June, 19 respectively.

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Chief Supt David Skevington, the officer in charge of Operation Coy, said: 'We want everybody to enjoy the tournament.

'As football fans we want them to support their teams passionately, but responsibly.

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'This is a multi-cultural policing operation. If we do have any incidents against particular ethnic groups or individuals they will be investigated as hate crimes.'

If fans misbehave during the Euros, officers will have powers to nip trouble in the bud.

Among them will be Designated Public Place Orders, which could lead to alcohol being confiscated from people.

A further power which will be used are Section 27 notices which force people to leave an area or face arrest if they refuse.

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