Potters Resort team at Hopton launching Businesshub to help firms reap rewards of online marketing

John Potter and Mike Scott

John Potter and Mike Scott - Credit: Archant

Potters Resort might be all about having fun but members of its senior management team are deadly serious in their proposition to businesses across Norfolk.

Preparing for the launch of a spin-off enterprise, Businesshub, sales and marketing director Mike Scott said: 'Our short term aim is to double the sales of 500 companies across Norfolk by giving them both the tools and advice.'

He will be leading a breakaway team at the Hopton resort selling online marketing software, developed and successfully tested at Potters, and providing the support and experience to employ it.

Mr Scott said: 'Seven years we were still very traditional in our marketing but during a long chat with our managing-director John Potter we decided that the rapid advance of Facebook meant we needed to jump on to the digital stuff. We started doing a lot more marketing online and set about trying to recreate the Potters community online.'

The success of their strategy can today be seen in 80,000 Facebook followers across Potters' businesses with 1.5 million people a week visiting the brand online via social media.

Mr Scott said: 'Our aim is to put Potters Resort front of mind and to try to wow our guests. If someone on Facebook says they are looking forward to celebrating their golden wedding with us we will leave flowers in their room.'

He said the motivation behind their new enterprise was that 'most businesses still don't get social media' and yet the challenges were essentially the same across all industries.

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The Businesshub software they are marketing allows businesses to build a database of customers and leads, segmenting data in a way that allows communications to be accurately targeted.

For example, if Potters Resort was looking to market a Christmas package, they would be able to see which guests among their database of 500,000 people had been visiting the relevant page on their website and how frequently.

If guests had previously eaten at the resort's Black Rock Grill, they could send a reminder in their communication, PS have you booked Black Rock Grill yet?

Pricing for Businesshub is still being worked out but Mr Scott said that for the small and medium sized firms they were looking to help, it would only amount to a small monthly fee.