Poundland staff surprise biggest fan with brand new uniform


Harry with his mum Melanie. - Credit: Submitted

It used to be said that little boys dream of getting a train set, Lego or a football.

Now, one lad from Lowestoft has shown that common misconceptions need not apply to him.

For Harry Lord is a big fan of Poundland - and is overjoyed after his local store gave him a new Poundland uniform, truck and employee of the month badge.

The five-year-old loves visiting the store on the North Quay Retail Park in Lowestoft and has missed seeing the staff and manager since lockdown began.

As a gesture to cheer him up, the manager gave Harry a brand new uniform set to wear.

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It is not the first time Harry has been given this special present, and he is the only person to be given a work uniform by Poundland.


Harry in his brand new Poundland uniform. - Credit: Submitted

Harry's mum Melanie said: "Harry got gifted his first Poundland uniform in 2019.

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"He just loves maths and loves adding up the total I usually spend in store.

"All the staff in there are absolutely brilliant and it's so great that Harry now has a brand new uniform and truck and a colleague of the month badge to go with it."


Harry Lord wearing his uniform from 2019. - Credit: Submitted

Harry has become somewhat of a Poundland celebrity, after recently being name-dropped in the Channel 4 documentary Inside Poundland.

Miss Lord said that such a small gesture from the chain had made a wonderful difference for her son.

She added: "Harry loves playing shops in his spare time and this gesture means he isn't missing out and that everything is still okay for him.

"I would just like to thank all the Poundland staff at the North Quay store.

"You have made one little boy very happy and this small gesture means so much to him."


Harry likes to play shops and the outside playhouse has been turned into a mini Poundland. - Credit: Submitted

A spokesperson for Poundland said: "Harry is a huge fan of Poundland and is a regular with his mum at the Lowestoft store.

"His mum tells us Harry loves playing Poundland at home with his family, especially at the moment while he’s being home schooled.

"Being such a fan, Richard the store manager wanted to gift Harry his very own Poundland uniform, toy lorry and a colleague of the month badge.

 "They plan on inviting Harry for a behind-the-scenes tour of the store when the lockdown ends."

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