Pupils in Lowestoft raise funds to help Nepal victims

Gunton primary school council have been raising money for the earthquake victims of Nepal. School c

Gunton primary school council have been raising money for the earthquake victims of Nepal. School cook Linda Pettman with cookies that are being sold for the cause. - Credit: Nick Butcher

If you gave most pupils a bit of influence at school, they might campaign for longer lunch breaks or have less homework.

But Gunton Primary's school council decided to use their powers for good – by organising a fund-raising day to help the relief effort in Nepal.

Inspired by two pupils who ran an art competition for the cause, the school council held a non-uniform day on Tuesday, May 19.

On the day, pupils were invited to bring their teddy bears into school for a teddy bear's picnic and special biscuits made by school cook Linda Pettman were on sale, with a total of £426.20 going to Nepal.

Year-six pupil Jacob Brown, 11, is a member of the council who helped organise the fund-raising.

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He said: 'Most of us have been watching the news about the tragedy in Nepal, so we got together in a meeting to think of things we could do to raise a bit of money.

'We hope to raise as much as possible – it made me really sad for the people who have lost everything.

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'It's very nice to see people weren't just paying 50p for non-uniform - they were donating a bit extra.

'The whole school has got really into it.'

The original idea stemmed from year-five pupil Amelie Rough, 10.

While watching the events in Nepal on the news, she was encouraged to think of something she could do to help by her childminder.

She settled on the idea of a drawing competition and enlisted the help of best friend Megan Simmonds, also 10.

'Lots of people like drawing and colouring and we thought that it would be something boys and girls can both do,' said Amelie.

'It's been on the news a lot and I've seen pictures in the newspaper – it's quite sad and it made me feel like I wanted to help.' Megan said: 'We had quite a few entries and we raised £25 from the drawing competition.'

After the pair shortlisted the top five entries, headteacher Matthew Jordan selected the winner - year-five pupil Danelle Stevens, 10.

Deputy head Sylvia Matthews said: 'We're very proud that the children came up with it themselves and that they were so keen to help people in difficulty.'

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