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Cefas say their proposals will save �2m per year. Picture: James Bass

Cefas say their proposals will save �2m per year. Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

Site needs more parking

In general the news that the CEFAS site is up for redevelopment is probably good news for the town, but unless they commit to increasing the available car parking spaces on site then it is not good news for the residents in the surrounding roads.

I have written several letters and hand delivered to the building requesting that employees of the establishment refrain from parking in the surrounding roads, to some extent the management of the site have done what they could but there are several employees who have not taken any notice what-so-ever of these simple requests because in all honesty they are too lazy to walk the few extra yards from the allotted spaces in the council run car park at the bottom of the road.

When expecting a delivery or any other exceptional vehicle parking requirements the residents have to resort to either putting up car parking cones or putting their wheelie bins in the road to try and reserve the space required.

I have asked the council for residential parking for the area but get fobbed off with 'it will all be in the Suffolk highways plans maybe.'

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It is a large site so provision has to be made for the 450 employees to park, they could always convert the north wing into a car park - after all that is what it looks like.


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Can you volunteer?

Volunteers are needed to help tidy and restore the locally important County Designated Wildlife Area of St Margaret's Church, Hollingsworth Road, Lowestoft.

The group currently meets Monday and Thursday mornings from 9am to 11am but other times can be arranged to suit. Group or individual tasks are available. Please attend at one of the above times or if these are not convenient then please ring Arthur Sparkes on 01502 584320.


Church warden

St Margerets


Please share your memories

I am researching a book about psychedelic rockers Pink Floyd, famed for their 1979 hit 'Another Brick In The Wall' and their fabulous stage effects, including the inflatable pig Algie who once slipped his moorings at Battersea Power Station and flew off across London.

Before selling out arenas around the world, Pink Floyd started out playing smaller venues, including the Nautilus Club on Lowestoft's South Pier in June 1967.

I'm interested in capturing people's memories of this gig for posterity and hopefully in the process telling the band's story in a slightly different way via first hand accounts of their earliest shows.

I'd love to hear from anyone who saw them in their early career and I can be reached at or on the address below.


1 Totnes Road


M21 8XF

All welcome for prayers

Outside prayers are held every Wednesday at 4.30pm on the picnic tables within the wildlife area at St Margaret's Church, Hollingsworth Road, Lowestoft. Both church goers and non-Church goers are welcome. There is an opportunity to light a candle in church, after the prayers, if required for sickness, bereavement etc. Please join us.


Church warden

St Margerets


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