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Lowestoft bus station. Picture: Archant.

Lowestoft bus station. Picture: Archant. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Bus station is in need of care

As public transport users, we in the East Suffolk Travellers' Association share Mr Swainston's concern about the state of Lowestoft Bus Station. (Journal, July 14)

Surface dressing is probably not necessary, but litter bins and more space to wait under cover certainly are.

At least the real-time information screens are working again, but I have recently experienced instances where the drivers have had to shout out to passengers because their vehicle could not use its allotted stand but had to use another one.

There is also one large noticeboard, affixed to the wall, which has been empty for over a year. It could be used for additional information.

You may also want to watch:

The present bus station was remodelled some 30 years ago. Some further modest investment by the county council would indeed be welcome.


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East Suffolk Travellers' Association

Appeal for helpful strangers

I am looking for some really kind people who were on the X2 Bus from Lowestoft to Norwich on Friday December 2 at about 10.40am, when I fell off my seat at the Stockton Roundabout.

Especially the two gentlemen with their wives who kindly picked me up. I would really love to thank them in person if can, as in the midst of everything I forgot to thank them and I would love the opportunity to do so.

There were a lot of lovely people on the single decker bus that day so if you were one of them or know anyone who came home with the funny story about 'the women on the bus', please get in touch by calling Marian on 07342 670784.



The 'disappeared' of town centre

It was with great interest that I read the headline 'Exciting new era for station' in the Journal, July. However, on reading further down the article, this 'era awaits after the funding was secured'. I wonder how long we will have to wait. Will it be like Ness Point and the third crossing and then when these fail to materialise, all be blamed on Brexit?

The waiting area on the concourse looks fine, until there is an east wind or rain when I expect most people would rather wait inside.

It also stated that a 'unique' public area would be created, which could host various events. May I point out we have such a space at the Triangle Market on the High Street in Lowestoft, complete with white 'sail' roofing, which has never, or very, very rarely been used. We used to have a very fine Friday and Saturday market there, but once it was transformed, this went the way of most things in Lowestoft.

I believe there is a vegetable and fruit stall at the Triangle just two or three days a week at the moment. There is also a fruit and vegetable shop at the back of the Britten Centre, but apart from these, there is no true market.

We also have a large space in the Britten Centre where a market was situated, but true to form, after the council handed it over, it also disappeared, like most of the shops.

We now have no market in Lowestoft, but plenty of spaces to hold one and also the other events mentioned. So what would be different about the space near the station?

It is difficult to find anyone who is keen to come into Lowestoft centre, apart from going to Boots and Marks and Spencer (for the food) or popping into Kerrys for a coffee and a look in their store.

Most people I know would rather go into Beccles, particularly if you live north of the bridge, as it is quicker and easier to park, has a market and a bigger variety of shops.

Most of the supermarkets are out of town and if you go to North Quay, there is also a variety of shops where most shopping can be done and you can park easily and no parking fees.

I await with interest to see this 'new era' at the station. Perhaps someone might also improve the bus station, which certainly doesn't present a very good welcome to visitors who use the buses.



How long to wait for crossing?

Mr Simon Tobin seems to be concerned about the 'promised' third crossing. I agree that it was a vote winner for Conservatives at the last General Election. Unless my memory misleads me it was promised to be completed before the next General Election. That has passed and no third crossing in evidence. Should we ever get one it will no doubt be late, (already is), less than the optimum, and way over budget!


Oulton Road


Have you tried the water taxi?

Although the Lowestoft Ferry/Water Taxi has been operating for three years, we only discovered it recently and we were hugely impressed!

It provides return half-hour crossings between Oulton Broad and Lowestoft from Fridays to Sundays, and represents great value for money at only £3 each way.

The boat is interesting in itself, having originally been a ferry on the River Clyde in Scotland. When it retired, it was donated to the 'International Boatbuilding Training College' at Oulton Broad for restoration, and they have done a brilliant job! The unique view of Lake Lothing and the entrance to the Marina is well worth the journey.

We were told that most of the customers at present are holidaymakers, but it is also a great opportunity for residents in the local area to use this local ferry, because it provides a very different visual outlook to an area that we think we know so well.

I would like to thank the crew, who are not only extremely efficient, but also provide interesting background information to make the journey so much more enjoyable. If you haven't yet tried the water taxi, I would strongly recommend it!



Will station be restored?

Here we go again, some old rhetoric about that crumbling, roofless, edifice of a railway station.

Seem to remember the same old spiel being emitted by British Rail about five years ago.

They had supposedly appointed a whizz kid to regenerate the dump. Hope the latest news is true, as I, like many old Lowestoftians, have witnessed seven decades of total neglect.

Finally from whence the money cometh, as my old garden shed has fallen into disrepair. Whose fault is that.



Tower Road can see traffic jams

Regarding the Tower Road development, it's good that the old Zephyr camp site is finally getting used, but Tower Road can jam up with traffic now at peak times, so what will it be like with more cars trying to get out of the new site.

Maybe the exit should be a left turn only slip road on the A12 to alleviate the Tower Road junction.

I do believe the council should though encourage firms to use some of the many empty shops in London Road North and High street, to revive our town centre.



Fire fighting history appeal

I'm currently researching the history of fire fighting in towns and cities across Norfolk and Suffolk. The places I'm interested in is Norwich, Kings Lynn, Great Yarmouth and Gorleston, Lowestoft, Ipswich, and Bury St Edmunds. I'm looking for photographs and any history related to the fire services I have listed above. Also I'm looking for a photo of an ex Harleston Fire Station Appliance (Fire Engine) E207VCL.

If you can help me please contact me at 26 Weavers Croft, Harleston, IP20 9PY or email



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