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The dilapidated advertising baords next to Oulton Broad North Railway Station. Picture: Jim Mitchell

The dilapidated advertising baords next to Oulton Broad North Railway Station. Picture: Jim Mitchell. - Credit: Archant

A good job on Armed Forces Day

I would like to place on record my thanks to the committee who did such a wonderful job putting on the Lowestoft Armed Forces Day.

As the mayor of the new Lowestoft Town Council, I understand the amount of hard work it takes to put on an event like this and the legal loopholes that have to be jumped through. I hope the committee will be able to continue to run this event in future years and I look forward to working with them and offering whatever support the town council can.



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A great event enjoyed by all

Large crowds flocked to the Royal Green last Saturday to watch the guards from Her Majesty's Service play and march in front of the public and also the pipes from Norwich. There were lots of stalls and old vintage cars to look at and the weather was good as well. A great event enjoyed by all.


Victoria Road


Pollution needs to be addressed

I am pleased that John Thompson thinks my idea for an electric park and ride coach is a 'sensible idea' to help relieve the current congestion which occurs regularly on the main routes in and out of Lowestoft, which deters shoppers and frustrates local businesses.

I gave the answer of an electric park and ride coach whilst answering questions concerning Lowestoft traffic congestion from residents at both the Beccles and Lowestoft Hustings held during the recent General Election campaign.

I agree that the completion of the Third Crossing over Lake Lothing is a project the Labour Party campaigned on vigorously for many years and continues to monitor progress on. In that regard I am a member of the Third Crossing Stakeholder Group which ensures all stakeholders in Lowestoft are regularly updated as to the progress of the bridge.

With the date of the bridge completion now stated as 2022 that still leaves five years of congestion and pollution stretched ahead of us which needs to be urgently addressed. I believe practical ideas that can relieve the congestion and the negative effect on our residents' health particularly children and those with breathing difficulties exacerbated by pollution need to be considered as soon as possible.

On a completely separate point I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the residents of Lowestoft and Waveney who supported me in the recent General Election campaign by voting Labour. Representing the Labour Party in the recent General Election was a great honour and privilege and the experience gained and the many valuable new contacts made with so many residents will inform my continued work as Leader of the Waveney Labour Group in Opposition on WDC.


District councillor for Pakefield

Leader Waveney Labour Group

Cyclists bring no revenue in

Just to satisfy a certain person, let's demolish the multi-storey car park then we could turn it into a bicycle park.

Slight problem: cyclists do not actually have to pay to park, ie no revenue, and to a council that is being unfunded by this government this will never happen.

As a motorist I enjoy driving. I must admit I do not drive into Lowestoft much due to parking and congestion. As Mrs Blowers has noticed Lowestoft is becoming rather run down. If you are not run over by speeding electric scooters you are glared at by hungry herring gulls.

Although most people are now travelling further afield ie Beccles, Norwich - would include Great Yarmouth, but due to people now using the Internet to shop it is going the same way as Lowestoft.

I do not think anyone actually believed we would ever get the Third Crossing. As promises go, we should be cycling over it right now.



Agree with the rundown comments

Re Mrs Blowers' letter in last week's Journal, my husband and I totally agree with all she said and more.

As well as the main street area being washed early mornings, the bins need to be washed and kept clean and what about the bus station, it is disgusting. I too was born and lived in Lowestoft. I used to be proud to say where I came from, but not now. I feel ashamed instead.



Town no worse than elsewhere

I agree with Mrs P Blowers (Your Opinions, June 23) about the amount of litter around Lowestoft and the state of some shops fronts.

However, I perhaps mildly disagree in that Mrs Blowers' letter kind of infers Lowestoft is worse than most places. There are plenty of places just as bad. Of course it does not excuse Lowestoft.

It is not that I disagree with those who complain about dog fouling but it regularly strikes me how many letters there are to local papers about it and the lengths local authorities go to banning dogs because of an irresponsible minority of owners and how few letters there are about litter. I appreciate it is extremely difficult to stop litter dropping but that makes it even more biased against dogs and responsible owners.

When I enter public places and see a sign saying 'no dogs' and then see litter I think there should also be a sign saying 'no humans.'

Dogs are at least performing a natural act. There are health hazards from some types of litter, not least that children playing could be injured, as could our 'best friends.' Indeed, any animals and seagulls could be injured. After all, the main concern about the seagulls has been fear of injury from them.

Seagull excrement is also a natural act and they do not have humans with them who should know better.



Thanks to those who helped out

Grateful thanks to all the people who helped our grandson when he had an accident in Sands Lane on Wednesday, June 21. Pleased to say after having an operation and receiving excellent care at the James Paget Hospital, he is home and on the mend.


Sands Lane


Flower displays are wonderful

What a great job the Waveney District Council gardening department are doing to make shopping more pleasurable in the town of Lowestoft. The flower displays look lovely full of colourful flowers - fantastic. Well done.

ALAN HINES Victoria Road


Time to sort out this eyesore

How long do residents and holidaymakers have to tolerate the dilapidated state of the rather prominent advertising hoardings, situated next to Oulton Broad North Railway Station. Can some action be taken - immediately - to radically improve this long-standing eyesore.



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