Review of Al Murray at Lowestoft’s Marina Theatre

Reviews such as these might typically begin with how the show started – recording faithfully the introduction and opening shots of the evening's entertainment.

But we at The Journal cannot do that – because we were late ... and how we paid for it.

Trooping in to the front of a packed house with an accomplished comedian warming to his task put us right in the shooting gallery and Murray – in his belligerent pub landlord guise – let us have both barrels.

How, he wondered, would there ever be a paper this week if we rocked up late to everything?

And how could your correspondent – with a name like mine – possibly be a grown-up?

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We, and others, were regularly brought into the rest of the act which went through the whole gamut of Murray's opinionated, bawdy and frequently un-PC repertoire.

Jingoism ruled the waves with the foibles and failings of our European neighbours frequently and loudly highlighted.

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And Murray warmed to the subject of the royal family, as well as the delectable Pippa Middleton.

It was all cracking good fun. He is clearly on top of his game with scattergun monologues, slick audience interaction and loudly-delivered views on the wrongs of modern living.

Don't go expecting refined wit – this was the world put to rights over a beer pump.

If you are a little sensitive you might be a touch offended. But with Murray you know what to expect... leave PC at the door and go in for a good laugh.

Al Murray will be back at the Marina for an extra show on June 17 next year.

Take a tip from us – go, but be on time!

Tim Warner

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