'Like buses!' Golfer lands two hole in ones - on back to back rounds

Alan Westgate is all smiles after he aced the ninth hole at Rookery Park Golf Club on Saturday.

Alan Westgate is all smiles after he aced the ninth hole at Rookery Park Golf Club on Saturday. - Credit: Rookery Park GC

A golf club had a weekend to remember as it witnessed a hat-trick of hole-in-ones - including two from one player on back-to-back rounds.

There was something in the water at Rookery Golf Club, near Lowestoft, as the odds were defied.

It was a particularly special two days for Alan Westgate, from Blundeston, who aced hole-in-ones on back-to-back rounds.

He was thrilled after the amazing feat, with his first coming at the ninth hole of the Carlton Colville course on Saturday.

He followed that up by hitting another hole-in-one at the 14th on Sunday, while playing in a club contest.

To top things off, fellow club member Alan Bidwell also aced a hole-in-one at the 14th during the same competition.

Mr Westgate, who has been playing golf for 30 years and has a handicap of 19, said: "They are like buses!

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"I have never had one before then two in two days.... I was just glad I had changed my shirt for the picture!

"Rookery is a great members club and the course is in outstanding condition, the best I have ever seen it.

"The three hole-in-ones over the weekend were well celebrated with a few drinks over the bar."

Mr Westgate used an eight iron on the ninth and a five iron at the 14th hole, and the feat was made more memorable as he used the same golf ball.

Alan Westgate is all smiles after he aced the 14th hole at Rookery Park Golf Club on Sunday.

Alan Westgate is all smiles after he aced the 14th hole at Rookery Park Golf Club on Sunday. - Credit: Rookery Park GC

Gareth Jones, club secretary manager at Rookery Park, said: "Most people would save their hole-in-one ball as a keepsake but Alan didn’t consider this until his playing partners said on the Sunday he would now have two balls to keep!"

Both holes are par three, with the ninth hole measuring 140 yards and the 14th hole measuring 165 yards.

Mr Jones said: "It is one in a million really.

"A hole-in-one is extremely rare and something you would hope to achieve in a lifetime.

"But to have two in two days, by the same club member, it is exceptional - unheard of.

"I'd be absolutely amazed if it has happened elsewhere."

Mr Bidwell, who landed Sunday's second hole-in-one, has been a club member for 20 years and plays off a handicap of 13.

Club members looked on "in absolute amazement" as his tee shot took two bounces, before rolling in.

Getting a hole-in-one - a mixed blessing?

While most golfers go a lifetime in pursuit of a hole-in-one, the rare feat comes with a sting in the tail.

Tradition has it that the lucky player must head to the bar - sometimes referred to as the 19th hole - and buy everyone in the place a drink.

However, some golfers have been known to take out 'hole-in-one insurance' - a way to avoid a huge bar bill.

Other less costly traditions include keeping the ball they landed the hole-in-one with and getting a picture on the green.

The odds of actually landing a hole-in-one are thought to be 12,500-to-one.

That drops to 2,500-to-one for professional players.

The long odds mean the average player would need to play 6,500 par 3 holes to stand a chance of bagging one - or 1,625 rounds assuming four par 3s a round.

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