RSPCA warning: ‘DO NOT walk your dog in the hot weather’

Sarah Lucy Brown's cockapoo puppy, Dudley, cools off in his paddling pool during hot weather Picture

Sarah Lucy Brown's cockapoo puppy, Dudley, cools off in his paddling pool during hot weather Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN - Credit: sarah lucy brown

As temperatures rocket across Suffolk and Essex, the RSPCA is warning dog lovers not to take their pets out in the heat.

With the mercury set to hit a staggering 37C tomorrow, the RSPCA Suffolk East and Ipswich branch has shared five top tips for pet owners - from avoiding the sun to frequently topping up water supplies.

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The charity shared the following tips on social media:

1. DO NOT WALK YOUR DOG. Heat stroke can take hold very quickly in dogs and in weather like this it's much better to keep your dog at home in the cool. If you are taking your dog out the best times are early in the morning or when the sun has gone down. Remember the three second pavement test - if you can't keep your hand on the floor for more than three seconds it's too hot for your dog too.

2. Provide all animals with fresh, cool water and keep their bowls or bottles topped up.

3. Rabbit cool pods are available from pet shops, they offer a great cooling solution for small furry friends.

4. Move hutches and runs out of the sun, and always make sure adequate shade is provided for any outdoor pets.

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5. Never ever leave any animal in the car. Whether it's two minutes or 20 you are putting your animals at risk and you'll be breaking the law.

A spokesman added: "Be sensible, keep cool, and enjoy summer with your animals in the forefront of your mind."

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