Man in colourful dressing gown spat at neighbour’s teenage son

Norwich Crown Court. PICTURE: Jamie Honeywood

Norwich Crown Court. PICTURE: Jamie Honeywood - Credit: Archant

An 'outrageous' neighbour from Hell in a multi-coloured dressing gown spat at a teenage boy as he was heading to football training, a court heard.

Norwich Crown Court was told that Russell George, 54, made life misery for his neighbours, leaving them frightened to go into their garden.

And Judge Stephen Holt said the behaviour was so extreme that he was considering using court powers to force George to sell up and move away.

George, of Old Nelson Street, Lowestoft, had denied being in breach of a restraining order and one charge of assault but was convicted by a jury following a trial in his absence. However he was cleared of one count of assault on his neighbour when he was alleged to have thrown a flowerpot.

George refused to come to court or have any legal representation and so his sentencing was adjourned until February 3,

Judge Holt praised the courage and restraint shown by the neighbours, who have been subjected to years of abuse.

In an impact statement read to the court, the father of the victim said the family could not even go in their garden when George was about.

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He said: "The house was a pleasant place to live until Russell George came to live in the house next door."

He said initially there was no problem but then things changed and since then he had made their lives hell.

He added: "He has certainly caused us a lot of distress by his constant outrageous behaviour."

He said: "I am frightened to go into our garden when Russell George is at home for fear of being assaulted physically or verbally."

He said that living next door to George put an unnecessary strain on the lives of all his family.

Gerard Renouf, prosecuting, said that for some reason, never explained, George had taken against his neighbours.

During the trial, the jury heard, George had moved into the street to live with his mother about seven years ago.

Giving evidence the father of the victim described how he was watching his teenage son go off to football practice when George appeared in a multi-coloured dressing gown and spat at his son.

He tapped on the window but said George then quickly disappeared back inside.