Sevens go on sentimental trip

TWENTY classic Austin 7 cars - some of them seen here - lined up side by side at Ness Point, Lowestoft, for a 451-mile trip in tribute to the machines.

TWENTY classic Austin 7 cars lined up side-by-side at Ness Point, in Lowestoft, for a 451-mile trip in tribute to the vintage machines.

Enthusiasts from across the country gathered at Britain's most easterly point from 7am to line up their cars, before the Mayor of Lowestoft Frank Mortimer, set them on their way.

Entrants were allowed to choose their own starting time and route as the Side to Side Run celebrated 70 years of the 750 Motor Club and 40 years of the Austin 7 Clubs Association.

Austin 7 cars were manufactured between 1922 and 1939. During this time a variety of body styles were offered, including two and four seat open tourers, four seat saloons and vans. The 750 Motor Club was formed in 1939 when the models were superseded by the Big 7.

A wide variety of the different cars were on show with some making the journey in 11 hours.

A 1936 Austin 7 Ruby made the journey in 12 hours, averaging 37.5mph. It originally cost �120 and was capable of reaching 52mph or 55mph downhill, through its 11bhp engine, which runs at about 45 miles to the gallon.

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